FB OR I UNF (5mins)

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Oh it's just the flying fuck I don't give ✈️

{🍦🍨🍢} Hey bbs I FINALLY POSTED lol Idk but I just didn't feel like posting duh Today was so shitty and tiring and I'm also sick fml So not gonna write a long ass cap here's the qotd ~ ~ Qotd: Which one is your fav from this pic? Atod: I like all but Gigi😻
{🎇🎆🌠} Oml TODAY IS JAN 12th IT'S MY KING'S BIRTHDAY OML YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM BELIEVE ME Omg time flies I can't believe he's 24 now my boy oml @zayn babe I know you'll never read this and you'll never see this but I love you so much you really inspire me you taught me to be myself and love who I am and do whatever I enjoy doing I hope you have an Amazing day baby I love you so fuckin much King 👑 . . . Qotd: When's your birthday? Atod: Dec 25th
{☂️🦄🍬} Ugh today was so boring and tiring I'm tired asf and I'm just waiting for weekend ugh . . Qotd: Day or night?🌕🌑 Atod: Day 🌕
{🍞🍯🥜} Heyyo cutiess Uh today was so goood I hadn't studied a word for my exams today but I did good omg I still can't believe that lmao I'm happy asf ~ ~ Qotd:Fav Rihanna song? Atod: All of her songs slay
{🍓🍒🌶} Heyy hoes Hope y'all havin a good day THE WEEKEND IS FINALLY HEREEE YALLL YAAASS BITCHEZZZ And I'm so sorry for posting and deleting all the time lol . . . Qotd: have you bought any of Kylie's cosmetics? Atod: lmao no
{🐬🦋🌊} - Whoa today WAS SUCH A GREAT DAY omg I'm so thankful to God idk what have I done to deserve that but I'm so fuckin happy oml oml 2.1.17💕 ~ ~ ~ Qotd: where do you live? Atod: The UK 🇬🇧 💜
{🤖👤🌂} Hey babezzz So today was so good we played gamez and y'all were so active ty all Btw this pic of Bella and Abel is soo cute I ship themm so much😻💦 ~ ~ Qotd: fav heart emoji? Aotd: 💕🖤💜
{🌱🌿🍃} Hey y'all hoez Hope you had an amazing day If you ever felt the need to talk to someone don't forget I'M HERE You can dm me and we can be friends cause I don't bite Anyway here's the qotd. ~ ~ Qotd:comment your initials Aotd:Bht
Omg guys MERRY CHRISTMAS y'all ilysfm AND IT'S ALSO MY BURFDAYY OMG IM SO HAPPY IM SHAKINGGGG YASSS Lol so btw my old acc got deleted by ig AGAIN but guess what IM BACK AGAIN haha . . . . #arianagrande #gaintrick #gainparty #gainpost #ifb #rihanna #selenagomez #justinbieber #zayn #zaralarsson