I'm Ērika ⭐

Full time fangirl ✨📚🎶📱✨ I'm 14 year old. I live in Riga, Latvia

Happy New Year!🎉 Bye 2016 and hello 2017🌟✨
Today is my birthday (yes, my birthday is on 31 st december and this is date of New Year eve). And I turned 14. Happy birthday to me! And thanks everyone who congratulated me. And also I want to say all of you happy New Year!🎉✨🎉
🎶Lover, where do you live? In the skies, in the clouds, in the ocean?🎶 #highasakite #loverwheredoyoulive
#books 📚
Merry Christmas to all of you! ✨🎄✨
Bye school, hi christmas holidays ✨
Klases vakarā ✨
🎶My happy little pill Take me away Dry my eyes Bring color to my skies🎶 #happylittlepill
I'm very strange person! 🙈✨
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