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Some more late night (insomnia) swatching. Essie Merino Cool-one of my faves!!! Trendy yet classic at the same time! Love this color!!! #youngwildandpolished #essie
Macro of Essie Gel Couture polish in Pearls of Wisdom. See previous pic for lots of endless gushing on my part 😱😋 #youngwildandpolished #essie
What do we do when we can't sleep? Yeah yeah you guys know by now 🙄😭 We all know I'm very hard on Essie but this right here is Essie at its finest!! (No belugaria in sight) *cringe* 🤢 Essie Gel Couture Polish in Pearls of Wisdom. Seriously if you guys see this...BUY IT!! The formula is absolute perfection and this color is so unique and gorgeous!! One of my faves!! #youngwildandpolished #essie
Little Nail Girl Lacquer-Ride or Die. I'm so into these duo/multichromes right now!! The shift on this one is so cool! It's not the strongest shift I've seen but it's good! Excuse the glare, it was the best way to really see the shift. Formula is really nice, didn't have any issues with application. Smooth, easy and cleaned up really well! @littlenailgirl for more info #youngwildandpolished #littlenailgirl
Little miss Violet is having a birthday today!!! 6 years old! For those that don't know, Violet and her mom were subscribers of mine and over the years we've become good friends. I swear I have as many pics of her on my phone as my own kids 😂 Violet has been through so much and she still is the happiest, sweetest kid....when I say she is a miracle, she really is. She's beaten all the odds and she will continue to beat them. She truly is a little angel....if you guys pray please add her to your list. I mean I already know she's gonna kick ass and take names but a few prayers can't hurt! Love you Violet!!! #youngwildandpolished #violet #downsyndromeawareness
OCC Technopagan never disappoints!! Formula is almost a 1 coater....super smooth and easy to apply!! In some lights she looks royal blue, others purple...either way she is a stunna!!! 😎😎 #youngwildandpolished #obsessivecompulsivecosmetics
Oh my goooosh!!! Look how beautiful these brushes are!!! I've been searching for these Moda brushes from Royal & Langnickel (exclusive to Walmart) and I could not find them anywhere. My wonderful subbie Melissa sent them to me!! Tysm Melissa, too sweet!!! Can't wait to play!! They feel soooo nice!!! #datshiftdoe #youngwildandpolished
Swatches of the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. Soooo beautiful!!! I've heard amazing things about this baby so I'm super stoked to play with her!!! If the two NARS Unfiltered Blush Palettes had a baby this is what she would look like!! I love that it's not insanely pigmented but it's also not too light, they seem like a perfect middle ground....and I love the mix of luminous shades and mattes! have you guys tried this?? 🎉💃🏽🎉💃🏽 I'm dying for her beauty right now!!! #youngwildandpolished #nyx
Comparison of Morphe Liquid lip in Vanity and Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lip in Backtalk. Definitely not dupes!! See previous pic for more Morphe swatches. #youngwildandpolished
A few swatches of the new Morphe Liquid Lipsticks launching Jan 20. (Sorry not the 19th-my bad yo) Retail price $12.99. There are 22 shades to choose from!!! Its hard to tell with liquid lips until you wear them but these guys swatched nicely!! No skin peeking through (each swatch is 2 passes of the wand) and the colors are goooorgina!! They have a nice vanilla scent, it's not too sickeningly sweet but it's definitely there. I like the scent, I think it's perfect! Let's hope these babies are as good as other Morphe launches!!! I'm hopeful!! USE CODE YWP AT CHECKOUT FOR MONEY OFF! @morphebrushes #youngwildandpolished #morphebrushes #morphelippie
There are no words to describe this beauty!! @ilnpbrand Pink's basically Juliette but less gold and more pink. Formula is exactly the's like putting tiny perfect little chopped up diamonds on your nails but somehow they lay perfectly flat and smooth and remove like a regular cream nail polish. ILNP is definitely either a secret unicorn or she's working for the CIA. 😂😂 this is some next level type shit #youngwildandpolished #ilnp
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