मुग्धा रंगनाथ 🌈

🔹Voluptuous👸 🔹bibliophile by addiction 📖 🔹pluviophile ☔️ ..lost in labyrinth,while dancing under moonlit🌠🌸

All of a sudden, the frame lost it's colour and that's when the black started to look beautiful...♠️
Bhukaadd hai sale sab 😝😂👭👭🍝🍕🍢#cheapthrillssquad 👻💯
I hope you wont comment "hate you bitch😡" on every other post of mine now😒...😝😂khush reh ab✋...😘💋👭 #rachelandmonica 💯 #notanexaggeration #youmybrownie 🍮
My mains aka constants aka hutiyas😝😂 after soooooooo long time💋💋💋😍😍buawhhaa ☕️🍲🍛 i love you both alottttttttttttt😭😭😭😘😘😘😘❤️💯 #crazyAF
@radharangnath hustle and bustle during flying latern #blurpics 😖#uglypics #flopgame 😭 #spoilsportaf 😭 when 'things' turns out to be a total trash😭😭😭😝😂 #hashtagspam 🌟
Pissed AF😤😭😝😂▶️☕️
She's the strong cup of coffee in a world that is drunk on cheap wine of shallow love. #caffeinic ☕️#200thpost
Doing something that provides short enjoyment🎈#cheapthrills
Speak your mind even your voice 'shakes' 😝😍😋 #foreverfoodies 👭
Find the one who will watch every sunrise with you... until the sunset of your life... 💛
I feel everything ends for a new beginning. So actually, nothing ever really ends! #newyear
"How does it feel to be on the top?" "Alone" - the mountain sighed 🗻
Be so dope that people crave your vibes💯🔱 Pc: @radharangnath
🎧 Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous women... Makes me wanna do things I shouldn't... #dangerouswomenbyarianagrande
The dementors of Depression were sucking out all the joy from her. "Expecto Patronum!" She shouted. Her patronus arrived, shaped as her best friend! 👭💫@radharangnath #tripping #HPfandom
"Oh God I have nothing to wear", her statement every morning. Handling of pain of heartbreaks, periods, waxing. Getting the liner on point is her test every day. "It's not easy being a girl" she would rightly say! 👸💯🔱
Black rules my closet ♠️ #Pench #muchneededbreak 🙌 #raw 📍Pc: @radharangnath
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