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19 🎊 (my birthday was actually 2 days ago so let's pretend i posted this on time)
this is just a psa for everyone that asks me if I still have my septum pierced: yes i do
well, how about that (based on trump's comment to send the u.s military to Mexico to stop the "bad hombres")
happy birthday to the one and only loml 💜💖
I said I was gonna go to sleep but I wanna wish my bby anna a happy birthday!! ilysm (eventho u love to argue w/ me on everything) 💜💜
all my selfies are always sideways
this is as relevant as ever right now.
yo, this is outta the blue but i miss ya both 😩
honestly i luv @troyesivan so much. y'all should go watch the video for this song frfr (oh yeah, the name of the song is heaven and link is in his bio)
u can barely see me and bryan is gone but i like this one better, oops
ed bby, how I've missed you 😭💖
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