Ariana Grande

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Literal queen.
Couple goals? I think so.
The tickets go out on public sale here in Australia in just over an hour away. There have been 1-2 more shows added so I'm praying I get meet and greet. Y'all really need to pray for me. I have the worst luck so y'all better pray fkn hard.
Apparently there's another show being added to Sydney as well as Melbourne. If this is true I'll be so excited because it means another chance at meet and greet!!
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They are just goals
Y'all I've honestly never been so confused and upset in my life. 2 people have told me not to worry even if I didn't get the meet and greet tickets at the presale because they preserve some for the public sale but someone just told me that there won't be any. See how I'm so fucking confused and upset. Man I'm honestly praying so hard that there are m&g tickets today at 2pm but I'm starting to really doubt it😭
Y'all I'm so excited. I have been informed that there will be more meet and greet tickets for the public sale! Some ppl are telling me there will be lots more and then some are telling me that there are only limited so I don't know about that but either way. My mum knows how bad I want these tickets so she's literally letting me have the day off school so I can be able to purchase the tickets without having to worry. Best mum❣️
IMPORTANT PLEASE READ, PLEASE!!!!!: - I have a really important question! I really need someone's help because I can't find the answer anywhere online. - I went to go buy my meet and greets for Ariana. ITS PRESALE TODAY. And they were all sold out. If the meet and greets are sold out for presale, when they come back out just for the normal sale, does that mean there will be more meet and greet tickets available? Please someone help I'm in desperate need!
I've been inactive for so long I'm sorry, I've been busy w school and because I don't have a theme, I sorta just forget about posting bc I don't have to worry about making edits n stuff. I've got a shit load of school work and being year 9, naplan is coming up next month. If you're Australian you know what naplan is. Sorry for being inactive. - Hashtags: #arianagrande #ariana #grande #macmiller #mac #miller #foreverboy #forevergirl #truelove #myeverything #dangerouswoman #sidetoside #nickiminaj #justinbieber #justin #bieber #selenagomez #selena #gomez #beyonce #gaintrick #fandomgain #arigain #gainpost #shoutouthour #likerecent
Yo I'm seeing Ariana in September when she comes to Australia!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am. To be able to hug her and take a picture w her (meet and greet) and watch her perform is honestly a dream come true. I truly can't describe how happy it makes me. Ariana's first time touring Australia. Couldn't be more blessed. - Hashtags: #arianagrande #ariana #grande #macmiller #mac #miller #foreverboy #forevergirl #truelove #myeverything #dangerouswoman #sidetoside #nickiminaj #justinbieber #justin #bieber #selenagomez #selena #gomez #beyonce #gaintrick #fandomgain #arigain #gainpost #shoutouthour #likerecent
Is everyone like honestly dead or something? I've gone live like 3 times already and no one has even gone on y'all I'm bored hurry up