Tove Lo

Imma ❄️🙅 / LADY WOOD Out Now

Glastonbury you were fuckin awesome 🦄🙌 Thank you @bbcradio1 for dis pic 😘 before the reaveal!! @glastofest
#Glastonbury2017 let’s do this!!!! 🇬🇧 Babes, see you on the farm or on your screens - Saturday / John Peel Stage / 18:10 🙌🏻 🦄 ✨
Time to pop my @glastofest 🍒!! I play the John Peel stage at 18.10. SEE YOU SOON unicorns
🎉🎉🎉🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PERFECT WEIRDO 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I wish I was there to dance in your 30th!! I haven't been part of your life for very long but I can't believe the memories we've already made 🙌 You make everything better and I feel so lucky I get to put my heart in your hands ❤️ I LOVE YOU
🎶I go to bed with you but dream about him 🎶you think I want to? No I hate that he wins 🎶hard to forget how fucking broken I've been 🎶But I'm healing, I'm healing, I'm healing 🎶 #keepitsimple #FIREFADE
🎶crushing my heart, tear me apart 🎶hate on this world cause reality sucks 🎶feeling their doubt, shut them all out 🎶 #imaginaryfriends #FIREFADE
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only @oscarkrewk aka BOSS CAT. We wouldn't last a day without you. Thank you for being an amazing person, dancer, mood manager and also being the best at what you do 🙌 LOVE U! Kärlek 🎉🦄 photo cred: @kennyjamez
Holy shit @tinderbox_official that was magic 🌟🌈🦄 TACK!!!!! #danishlöve
🎶Golden tables, broken mirrors, naked girls around 🎶Young and scared of love affairs so keep your conscience down 🎶The world is beautiful, believe it with another line 🎶Keep it up if you're lucky enough you know you're winning at life 🎶 #donttalkaboutit #FIREFADE
🍋feelin all the feels today 🍋.... but like emotional happy feels I mean, the lemons might be misleading :)
Warsaw you blew my mind. You were such a magical crowd! and thank you for all the notes and pictures and flags and jewelry and love!!! Floating on clouds ❤️
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