Harvey Fierstein

End of week one of rehearsal. Exhausted but in love with these two wonderful actors.
Snow day!
Fabulous painting at THE OUTSIDER ART FAIR
Wooden horse with a silver saddle. It's one way to get out of Dodge.
Brooklyn proud.
The HUNT AND FISH CLUB presented me with my own steak knife. I don't know if I'm more honored or hungry.
GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM pre-rehearsal workshop with these incredible actors. Joy!!!
March on, Maddie
Santa's Elves put out! My HAIRSPRAY LIVE shoes arrived in time for New Year's
Adam, Stephen and me. Rockefeller dreaming
Receiving the final Obama holiday card today made me sadder than I already was.
Some of us have been warning about Russia for years.
You know it's time for a haircut when you look in the mirror and Paula Dean is looking back!
I love these kids and always will. #hairspraylive
This is how it's done.#hairspraylive
Edna is one lucky lady!!!!#hairspraylive
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