Harvey Fierstein

Sneaking into dress rehearsal. Shhhhh!
Torch Song family
SAMSON loves the hose.
A Leonberger picnic! That's a lot of dog!!!!
A Leonberger picnic. Not my photo or dog. Just my joy.
Did I miss National Dog Day? Oh well.
Trump has an official statue at The Plaza Hotel. I'm sure the gagged Ivana loves it.
I think I see a tomato salad coming up for dinner.
Bruce Glikas photo
Sammy met a full grown version of himself today.
Saw Michael Moore's Broadway opening tonight. A MUST SEE. it will cheer you up and return hope to your heart. Phil Donahue, Gloria Steinem, Michael Moore and me. Thank you, Rick Miramontez. Photo by Bruce Glikas
I think my home grown eggplant is ready to eat. Bet it's good.
21 years without a drink. Damn, I earned these posies.
Lola, Samson & Little Shit love pooping just to fill up their Trump Dump Bags.
It's coming!!!!
Puppy weigh In
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