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@nyxturna #Nyxturna44K my fave pin is the femme fatale one because well I love knives 🖤😁
PANDORA LOOKS COOL AF NOW AYYYYY Only problem is I listen to it everyday but I updated it on my phone and now it won't even start 🙃
Short right hand only cover of Bon Iver's cover of I Can't Make You Love Me
I mean equality is cool and all but you ma'am need to sit the fuck down lmao It's a traffic light. Get over it.
hELP I know what chord I want next but I can't find it so if anyone can like tell me what they think the next chord would be that would be grEAT //capo is on 1st fret btw//
PC: me //don't repost without credit please!!!// //EXCLUDES COMMISSIONS// If I owe anyone anything please comment or DM me about it so I can make a more organized list! I want to be able to do whatever I need to for y'all but my DMs are all mixed up and I can't find who gets what! Please be honest though because I will check and find out if I actually owe you anything or not. Thank you and have a lovely day :)🖤
I didn't even want to bother with the hands sorry 😅 I couldn't draw them no matter how hard I tried and I tried drawing paws but that wasn't working either but anyway here ya go @laughingyeen I'll digitalize it later
Have a little goodnight video
//credit to ruby 🤘🏻// I'm ready to go home now.
Ok ok okkkk last one
Earlier today
Earlier today
I wanted to test this awesome new update with a bunch of clothes I saw on Pinterest that I really like so here ya go! Guess I don't get to spam you anymore 😂
IF ANYONE HAS SEEN THIS GORGEOUS BABE PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE OWNER VIA THE NUMBER YOU SEE POSTED ABOVE!!! He got lost over a month ago and still hasn't came home so give his owner a call if you see him. Thank you so much
A shopping mall? A fucking shopping mall???? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GODDAMN MALLS WE HAVE???
Hey @realdonaldtrump Wanna do something good for a change? Don't let them get rid of my childhood and we're even.
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