Jordan Taylor Wright


You, me, and a sky full of stars 💫🌌 (tag someone you want to have dinner here with) ✨ #andyes #taylorcutfilms #karismaexperience
To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten ✨ // New video link in bio! Announced the winners of the gear giveaway 🎊 Love you all! Thank you so much for all the support 🙏🏽❤️ #andyes #karismaexperience #taylorcutfilms @azulbeachresorts
If you're a bird, I'm a bird 🌊☀️ Yes that's a Notebook reference. Yes those are real #taylorcutbirds 😁✨ #karismaexperience #andyes @azulbeachresorts
I just want the simple things ☀️🌴 Ps - you have any idea how ungraceful it is getting on and off a hammock? Literally took us 5 minutes and we fell on our faces about 3 times 😩😁❤️ #andyes #karismaexperience #taylorcutbirds @azulbeachresorts
"Life is like a coconut... hard on the outside but with a little effort and dedication you can enjoy the sweet nectar juices of yes" - Leonardo DiCaprio 🌴🤔 Okay fine that quote is completely made up. #andyes #karismaexperience #wearealljustonebigcoconutofyes @azulbeachresorts
May not be wearing glass slippers, but you'll always be Cinderella to me ✨🎊 // If you could make one wish, what would it be? 🌠 #andyes #taylorcutfilms #karismaexperience @azulbeachresorts
Beauty and the beach. I'm clearly the beauty 😁🌊 Ps - I'm sorry that was a terrible joke. Please forgive me 🌴❤️ #andyes #taylorcutbirds #karismaexperience @azulbeachresorts
I want to explore the world with two things in my hand, a camera on my left and her hand on my right ✨🌴 // @azulbeachresorts #andyes #taylorcutfilms #karismaexperience #thejunglebook
Definitely the best backpack I've ever owned 😉❤️ // Just uploaded a new video editing tutorial showing how I make HD vertical videos for Instagram! Link is in my bio! 🎊 Leaving today for our next adventure! Can you guess where we're going?? 🌍 #andyes #taylorcutbirds
When I'm with you, time stands still. When I'm with you, there's no one else. When I'm with you... I'm in La La Land 💫 // I can't stop listening to the La La Land soundtrack! What music are you listening to right now?? 🎶✨ #andyes #taylorcutfilms #lalaland 🎭
Don't just dream your life, go out and live your dream ✨ // The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. So happy I am able to travel, see these amazing places, and share these beautiful experiences with all of you! 🎊 Full video link in my bio!
Thought it'd be magical and romantic to throw popcorn in the air for the photo 🙈 Can't take us anywhere lol 🍿💫 // What's your favorite movie in theaters right now?? 🎊 #andyes #taylorcutfilms
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