🌲🍄🍃♌️🌙🔮✨🌾 22• North Salem/ Ridgefeild •BA in Womens Studies • Feminist• Artist¿• Vegetarian🚫🐮• Gentle Soul• Awesome.😸🌈😇🔐💨

"Please let me on the couch" 😂 #doggo #otis #cutie
A 13 for my 13th tattoo, on Friday the 13th 😁 #fridaythe13th #tatted #girlswithtattoos #13
We cute 😇 #datenight #bae Necklace from @thecitrineforest !
My happy little boy
⚠️ dead end @day_naahh
Kayaking with my padre 🚤
RIP to my beautiful grandmother. She was an amazing, selfless person and the world was 1000x better having her in it. She will truly be missed ❤️
Big baby
Mushroom gang
Purpppp 💯
Got this little baby yesterday and I'm so in love 😩💕 #morphoaega
I 💕🐮
Yeah we climbed up that
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