🌲🍄🍃♌️🌙🔮✨🌾 21• North Salem/ SUNY New Platz: Womens Studies Major• Feminist• Artist¿• Vegetarian🚫🐮• Gentle Soul• Awesome.😸🌈😇🔐💨

A peak into my life after graduation 💁🏼🍷
Rock find of the day 🙌🏼 #orangequartz or maybe #citrine
I did it y'all 🎓
Officially done with school 🙌🏼 #offtotherealworld
Happy birthday to my love, here's to another year 🍷
Vegan hot dogs 😍💦 #sogood #getinmymouth #veganhotdog
Made an acorn 🌰🐿 #natureart
Best Pop-Pop in the world, my sisters alright too 👩‍👩‍👦💝 #poppop
Found this little poem today #poeminyourpocketday
Cool bathroom pics
Amazing day with my best friend and this beautiful waterfall 💕🏔
Anotha one
✌🏽️ #goodhairday
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