🌲🍄🍃♌️🌙🔮✨🌾 21• North Salem/ SUNY New Platz: Womens Studies Major• Feminist• Artist¿• Vegetarian🚫🐮• Gentle Soul• Awesome.😸🌈😇🔐💨

My love 💕💕
My little man 💕
A collage I did tonight. #collageart #collage #art #mine
#adaywithoutawoman wear red in solidarity, refrain from consuming and engaging in paid and unpaid work (if you can), donate to women's oriented charities and write to your senate and government! Spread the word and happy #internationalwomensday #npsocial
Waking up next to you is a dream come true 😇, can't wait to do it for the rest of my life! #mcm #boyfriendappreciationpost #sahcute
Happy birthday to my homie! Friends since 6th grade and I've cherished every moment of it. Love you girl, live it up 🎉🎉
Baby kitten enjoying the breeze of this nice day🌞💕 #kitten #springorwinter
All I did today in class was watch movies so I'm pretty happy. #tgif
Happy random act of kindness day! 💕🌸Pay it forward and spread the love! #chooseyou #randomactsofkindness #randomactsofkindnessday #spreadlove
Huge piece of spinach in my salad matches my eyes 🌿👀
Thank you for being the light in my life. I appreciate you to no end and I hope you know how much I love you every day. You've become my best friend and the first person to showed me real love. I love you baby 💕 Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you #happyvalentinesday #alsotbtosummer
Trying to be like a cloud, go slowly but keep moving 🚶🏼#cloudwatching #relax #keepmovingforward
Yellow 🌗
Wall rock 🗿
Be part of the revolution #istandwithplannedparenthood #womensrights
#tgif looks
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