Kenny Constantiinifdsddsses

The OFFICIAL account of Kenny Constantinides. I'm a world-based model. $4,000/hr All inquiries please email my agent .Santa Barbara.Hakuna matata.

Congratulations to @dylanperkins_ and @mama_cabeza ! I'm stoked I was there from Dylan's early obsession of Paige to eventually getting hitched. Beautiful wedding! Looking forward to many more memories!
I'm so artsy.
This is a news website of only good shit that happens. Check it out every once in awhile. I Madonnari just had an article.
Much respect to a good dude. And all the others. Especially on this Memorial Day. #LLTB
Welcome to 2017. Safe space
It's nice to have a weekend off. Backcountry hikes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Cheers to my favorite holiday, April fools. No engagement with @bailliebarnett but she is absolutely amazing and a real catch.
A couple weeks ago I saved a shark. Only because I believe in karma. Hashtag selfish
I realized I forgot to put the seat up when I looked back and saw this. Haha!
So much water in the mountains. The girls are loving it.
Who said playing in puddles is for kids.
At work during Valentine's Day but this blue eyed beauty knows one day a year doesn't do justice. I love you Bails.
@chrismassanari and I did a little jacuzzi appreciation. Pool plunge
Just a wee bit of snow. Mammoth with @jzemer and @chrismassanari
Um. Happy new year or some shit.
More traveling ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผWedding weekend in Vail. Congratulations to these two amazing souls.
Kauai trip was a success. Surfing, hiking, waterfalls, atvs, helicopter, food, mai tais, beaches, exploring.
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