Kenny Constantiinifdsddsses

The OFFICIAL account of Kenny Constantinides. I'm a world-based model. $4,000/hr All inquiries please email my agent .Santa Barbara.Hakuna matata.

Our trip is 90% photo fails.
Panamanian Lightning
These Panamanian ants make ours look lazy. Getting after it. #natgeo #hiremenow
Panama Canal was such a site to sea. It has a lot of ups and downs but it's a great place to break barriers. I could not container my excitement. I can't water to sea what this place holds in the future. My Spanish is getting better and I height English now.
A little bit of Bogota is all I need.
Cartagena. First stop of our three week journey! (Convinced baillie to bring one bag only ;)
Fastest dogs you'll ever see
Little break from getting shit done with this babe
Congratulations to @dylanperkins_ and @mama_cabeza ! I'm stoked I was there from Dylan's early obsession of Paige to eventually getting hitched. Beautiful wedding! Looking forward to many more memories!
I'm so artsy.
This is a news website of only good shit that happens. Check it out every once in awhile. I Madonnari just had an article.
Much respect to a good dude. And all the others. Especially on this Memorial Day. #LLTB
Welcome to 2017. Safe space
It's nice to have a weekend off. Backcountry hikes 👍🏼
Cheers to my favorite holiday, April fools. No engagement with @bailliebarnett but she is absolutely amazing and a real catch.
A couple weeks ago I saved a shark. Only because I believe in karma. Hashtag selfish
I realized I forgot to put the seat up when I looked back and saw this. Haha!
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