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The OFFICIAL account of Kenny Constantinides. I'm a world-based model. $4,000/hr All inquiries please email my agent .Santa Barbara.Hakuna matata.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Looking forward to many more trips, memories, fun, and water drops ruining pictures. The happiest and most thoughtful person I could ever imagine, I didn't even know people can have hearts like hers. Cheers to @bailliebarnett and her future!
Last night of our trip. Contemplating whether we should jump in that volcano and call it good. Antigua is beautiful. Thanks for bearing with my posts, photo fails #2 hitting theaters soon.
Missing my two best friends on national dogs day. But I guess I'm international now so I'll make it up in a couple days.
Beach the other day in Panama
Our trip is 90% photo fails.
Panamanian Lightning
These Panamanian ants make ours look lazy. Getting after it. #natgeo #hiremenow
Panama Canal was such a site to sea. It has a lot of ups and downs but it's a great place to break barriers. I could not container my excitement. I can't water to sea what this place holds in the future. My Spanish is getting better and I height English now.
A little bit of Bogota is all I need.
Cartagena. First stop of our three week journey! (Convinced baillie to bring one bag only ;)
Fastest dogs you'll ever see
Little break from getting shit done with this babe
Congratulations to @dylanperkins_ and @mama_cabeza ! I'm stoked I was there from Dylan's early obsession of Paige to eventually getting hitched. Beautiful wedding! Looking forward to many more memories!
I'm so artsy.
This is a news website of only good shit that happens. Check it out every once in awhile. I Madonnari just had an article.
Much respect to a good dude. And all the others. Especially on this Memorial Day. #LLTB
Welcome to 2017. Safe space
It's nice to have a weekend off. Backcountry hikes 👍🏼
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