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Since a lot of you guys have been wondering, I use a MUJI notebook for my bullet journal! :) you can find this at @itspaperco !
As is shown here, I have made absolutely zero progress this year on my art projects but I promise you guys that I started other projects that aren't listed here 😂😂
Finally recorded the voiceover for my how to travel journal video on YouTube!! Go check it out for some travel journal tips :) (I have so many pink spreads I really need a new colour scheme 😂)
Back to simpler layouts this week because this week is going to be busy 🐝🐝
It's getting bright outside these days - can't wait to start growing some flowers to see in the summer ☺
My February spread inspired by @smoinerd :)
Have you guys seen my video of this stationery haul? Link is in my bio ☺
Homemade granola is the best kind of breakfast 😋
I was tagged by @obsidianstudy to do the ten facts about myself ☺ I tag @smoinerd , @kiimbapnotes , @focusign , @tbhstudying & @myriadinklings
Have you guys seen my new YouTube video of my stationery haul since January and from my trip to Malaysia? ☺link in bio!
I've been severely neglecting this studygram since being on holiday but I'm back now with a new travel spread of my time in Malaysia :) where have you guys been on holiday? ☺️
When you keep trying to record a video but it's forever dark outside 😓
Minimalist spreads are my go to but I think I'm going to make mine more elaborate this week! ☺️
Part of my haul from Malaysia because is a holiday really a holiday without buying a ton of stationery? 😂😂 PS. I finally have wifi again!!! So expect a haul video from of Jan/Feb :)
Still loving my 2017 overview ☺️
Honestly, this weekend has been one of the worst. But oh well right? Sigh. Let's hope the rest of 2017 turns out to be better.
I hope you all find friends who love bookstores and stationery shops and not people who tell you to get out, hurry up and think you're wasting their time 🙃🙃
Stabilo Performer swatch ☺️ I use these pens for marking my work 😂
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