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I'm so excited for back to school stationery sales 😂
Simple layouts or more colourful ones? 🌸
On Tuesdays, we wear blue :)
I used my @zenpopjapan items to make this spread!! I just uploaded an unboxing for it on my YouTube channel yesterday :)
The phrase "I have too much washi tape" does not exist.
A pen reference for one of my most favourite spreads!! EDIT: It's actually a tombow not the artline stix pen I put down (I accidentally put the wrong pen)
I'm not too comfortable with loose ink doodles but I tried!! ☺️ this is my travel journal for the past few days :)
A repost from my sticker shop :) @itspaperco - get 15% off using my code MAGGIE15 at checkout, exclusively for followers of both my shop and my studygram! ☺️
Another pen reference! #tombowfeature
I uploaded a video yesterday about how to stay productive during summer break! ☺️
A pen reference for my May spread using only 4 pens :) You definitely don't need to have tons of pens to create one spread! #tombowfeature
I cannot give enough praise to this stationery pack from @zenpopjapan !! Everything was so cute and lovingly packaged, I can't wait to try out some of their other boxes in the future. Definitely go check them out - their stationery boxes are great as a present to yourself or a friend ☺️ it even came with a little sheet explaining the pens and their history/use in Japan :)
A work in progress :) half of this drawing was finished last year so I've just been recording a draw with me for the other half!! I hope you guys don't mind the influx of art that will be on here from now on - it's something I've been planning on adding here for a long time but never got round to it!! ☺️
My new @whitelinespaper notebook came in the post today!! I'm yet to try it out but you can get these at @bureaudirect in England!! ☺️
I honestly have no idea what this teddy is meant to be for but they called it a toy stick...
What kind of videos do you guys want to see on my YouTube channel? :) I uploaded the plan with me for this spread yesterday! Link is in my bio!
Will be uploading a video for this probably tomorrow :)
Honestly it's so awkward when people ask me what I've been doing recently. How do you tell someone you haven't met in a whole year that you've spent the last year studying, blogging and running a business? 😂 I literally just say I've been doing nothing just because not many people at school know about my studygram anyway 😂
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