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New plan with me is up for this spread using stickers from @itspaperco - I uploaded lots of new listings today!☺ link in bio to my plan with me :)
I can't stop listening to Rookie by Red Velvet... do you guys have any song recommendations? :)
I use a MUJI B5 gridded notebook - what notebooks do you guys use?☺
As a break from the yellow tones, I just recorded a plan with me for this spread, watch out for it in the next week ☺stickers from @itspaperco !!
One of my most favourite spreads to date :) stickers from @itspaperco
Really liking the first page of this weeks spread using stickers from @itspaperco 😍
The other half of my travel spread to Italy :)
I am in love with this new spread - can you tell?😂 these cute stickers are from my sticker shop @itspaperco
Artline Stix brush marker swatch :)
Using my stickers from @itspaperco ! I'm still adding listings to my shop slowly as all my designs are hand-drawn - hopefully you guys like them!☺
Have you guys ever travel journalled? ☺ PS new video up on my YouTube! Link in bio!
Just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel on study snacks! Link is in my bio☺
Preview of my Venice travel spread!! 😆
Might try more spreads like this in the future ☺ what colour theme are you guys using this month?
Have you guys seen my recent video on how to pack for a successful travel journal?☺☺
I love this pencil case from Daiso!! What pencil case do you guys use?:)
Currently studying mechanics - what do you all study? ☺ p.s Italy is everything I imagined it to be and more!! you can see my posts from there at @maggiepyk ☺☺
Where have you guys been on holiday? I'm going to Italy tomorrow! #tombowfeature
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