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I have a lot of innisfree masks 🙃
Spent the afternoon making daisy chains in the sun :) how are you guys enjoying the sunshine?☺
I'm so glad this week is almost over although I'm dying in this heat 😂😂
Will post more paintings on this studygram I think :)
How are you guys doing?:') I had a blood test this morning ☹️
*wishing to start uni soon so I can take this lihit lab everywhere with me!!!*
My next exam is over a month away 🙃 might get on with my Spanish learning inbetween :')
My exam is tomorrow 😱 when do you guys have exams?
How do you guys make time to do your hobbies? I get so preoccupied by everything else that I forget to paint. Am aiming to paint more soon!!
Took the day off from studying today and caught up on sticker orders ☺
I honestly love pink spreads so much :')
I picked up these glasses today, and they're suddenly not as comfortable as they were when I tried them on last week?? :') I also have the problem of not being able to fit into frames unless they're wide men's frames lmao, is that just me :')
Why so blue?
Have to study today but it feels like I've already learnt all there is to know?? ☹️ might just go back and learn the key points again and make sure. hope exam season is treating everyone well!!!
I am slightly obsessed with this gold cat plate I got but I have no idea what to use it for lmao :')
I made apple turnovers today instead of studying :)))
The other day @mydaycraft were lovely enough to send over a surprise happy mail ☺ their Art Deco dotted notebooks are actually so pretty and the textures on the front cover are perfect!! Go check them out because these notebooks will be released really soon with other designs ☺
I hate taking naps but I am forever waking up in the middle of the night and I just took a 2 hour nap. I feel slightly better ☹️ how much sleep do you guys get? :(
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