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Mint green spread :)
MUJI Vs Sarasa pens :) they're both very similar to be honest, and I love them both, but I've found the Sarasa pens are a bit more scratchy!
First spread of January! ☺️
I'm like Konstantin Levin, continuously worrying and trying to forget about it by being busy. :') thankyou for 18k btw☺️
Still reading Anna Karenina. Do you guys have any recommendations for books?:)
It's finally snowing in England ☺️
MUJI stores are my favourite place to be.
Pen and washi swatch for my week 2 spread :)
This week's mint green spread :) decided to be more creative with my layouts this week ☺️
The pen reference for my "sketchbook" spread! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Also just to clarify (as the majority of the messages I get are about this), I don't live in Malaysia!! I know a lot of my pens have a Malaysian price tag on them but it's because my family are Malaysian Chinese so we go back to Malaysia quite often, and that's how I manage to get Asian stationery whilst living in England :) I was born and raised in England hence my bio says "London". Anyhow, just wanted to clear the air with one post!! Unfortunately I won't know where to get some of the pens I have or what price they are in Malaysia simply because I go to the same few stores (MPH, Popular, Times, ArtFriend & DAISO) and I won't know the prices currently at these shops!! Some stationery I actually get via Amazon as I've found that's cheaper for me sometimes so your best bet for prices would be the shops themselves :)
My sketchbook goals spread :) pen reference for this coming tomorrow!
A swatch of all the highlighters I use for you guys :)
The rest of my first January spread :)
Pen reference for my first spread of January! Was too excited to wait til tomorrow to share this!! A lot of you guys message me about what pens I use etc, so I will be making pen references for every weekly spread I make from now on so you can recreate my spreads as easily as possible ☺️☺️
Blue for the first spread of the year! Have you guys set your new years resolutions yet?
Definitely still one of my favourite spreads!! ☺️
Inspired by @milkteastudies !! I started this tracker for 2017 ☺️
A different style of washi swatch ☺️ (inspired by @ohhappyday ). PS I might have filled a double page but I'm never letting go of this washi addiction 😂😂
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