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This spread looked so magical, I never wanted the week to end 😢
If you want to learn how to make this spread, you guys can check out my YouTube videos (link in my bio!). Don't forget to join my giveaway with @itspaperco ✨ Also omg guys, my new laptop is coming today and I'm super excited!!😆
✨INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY x @itspaperco ✨ Hey guys! I hit 30k followers yetserday and 3k on my sticker shop so I thought I'd commemorate the achievement by holding a giveaway. I'm giving the chance for 3 followers to win 3 sticker sheets of their choice each :) Rules are as follows: 1) follow @itspaperco 2) follow @studywithmaggie 3) tag a friend in the comment (one friend per comment - real friends only please!) 4) like this photo I'll be choosing winners on the 1st of May! Good luck!✨
I hit 30k today so I'm going to be holding a giveaway soon with @itspaperco ! Watch this space :)
Last of these notes now I promise :') also I uploaded a new yt video :) the link is in my bio!
I watched the new episode of PLL yesterday on Netflix 😱 do you guys watch it too? 😋 also I am obsessed with TWICE, it's crazy 😂
Notes on Holodomor :)
Do I live for you or do I live for myself? - my internal struggle every day of my life.
hi I'm double posting today because I'm so excited to show you guys my history notes! I'll be changing up my studygram and posting more of the content I've always wanted to post :) maybe less white photos and more just natural setting ones, I'll see how it goes 😂 also!! Check out my new YouTube video in the link in my bio :)
I'm so so tired these days but this is my attempt at a flatlay :') also the pens you see are the pens I used in my spread :) I have to edit my video to upload today so let's hope I don't forget 😩 There are a bunch of these OOPS grab bags over at @itspaperco so be sure to check them out :)
The Plan With Me for this spread is coming tomorrow :)
New week 3 spread ☺ I have an eye test today😱 do you guys wear glasses? 😋
How pretty are my current reads? 😱😍
The end of a week! Looking forward to the easter weekend!!
Tried a little bit of a scrapbooking style in my bujo ☺
Today's not as warm but it's just as bright ☺ how's the weather for you guys?:)
You know those days you're happy for no reason? 😋 I'm getting super busy over at @itspaperco so if you haven't checked out our limited amounts of OOPS grab bags - go check them out now!! ☺ Yesterday I went out to London and finally got the boba and egg tarts I've been craving 😂 it's always a good day when there's food involved 🤣
Another pen reference - hope you guys haven't tired of these yet! 😂 this is for my last March weekly, one of my favourite spreads to date! I've been binge watching once upon a time on Netflix recently, what dramas do you guys recommend? ☺
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