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Good luck fellow moms. May their naps be long today and everyday.
Ok moms, let's be honest- how often do you go out in public and just cross your fingers that no one sees you? This classic example is brought to you by last night's pajamas (me & him) making a last minute run to the grocery store for Sweet Potatoes. We got in and out with out seeing anyone we knew. #phew
Cheers to daylight savings, you guys! And thank God for our husbands. @mamabearstl joined me for drinks tonight at #plantershouse and we talked pregnancy, birth planning, gender reveals and well, how many drinks it takes to survive a time change as a parent. Check out her insta page, you'll wanna sign up for her classes ASAP. Trust me. πŸ‘πŸΌ
Today- We have a NEW, BETTER breastfeeding education curriculum for pregnant mothers. STORK is looking for three soon-to-be moms who will receive our curriculum for FREE & provide us with feedback! It's first come, first serve. Comment here for details!!
πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ (Via @itwasneveradress )
Texting about an upcoming gender reveal. Doesn't Pinterest make us all a little nutty?! That's why Stork promises to work with you to come up with something unique, original and you!!
I'm not saying that breastfeeding is the only way but with truths like this, wouldn't you want to at least try?!? Let us help you if you're struggling! Let us educate you! Stork is here to help!!
Cards Home opener is only 31 days away! Get these @cherubinshoes on your wishlist or registry today! Like what you see?! Stork Baby Planning can help you find these goodies and others like them- call us today!!
These sheets by @the_clothcollective. Swoon. 😍
Conversations about Moonlight & La La Land- and I'm over here pulling for Zootopia. You?
Marci Gras 2018, anyone?!
Having your adoption announced on @todayshow = life goals. So happy for our favorite, @hodakotb !!
Eating well during pregnancy is a no-brainer; eating well post-partum can help you heal and nourish your body as you transition into motherhood and breastfeed your newborn. Adding this beauty to the lending library. Can't wait for it to arrive.
St. Louis, it's a perfect day to get outside and LOVE LIFE.
Loving this space- but mostly that rug!! From: @lorenacanalsrugs & its machine washable! Win!!
Loving this article from @mothermag - serving as a good midweek reminder of what's truly important. #listentothechildren #kidsareimportant #yourfeelingsarevalid
My ❀ is so happy to share this on Valentine's Day: if you live in/around St. Louis, please check out my dear friend Michelle's natural childbirth education services! She is such a strong, inspirational woman & I just wish she'd started this thing before I gave birth to my first! You'll never regret getting a good education before your labor & delivery experience! Check out her IG at @mamabearstl !!
Our latest pregnancy announcement: big brother working hard!
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