Adam Stein

Full time mom

See you again in 2019! (hurry it up Amanda Peet's husband and other guy)
Sharks are the dragons of the sea. Happy birthday @debsjhoon
What is dead may never die.
We came. We saw. We embarrassed ourselves as tourists using selfie sticks.
Just trying to blend in with the locals.
This was just hours before Marvin, the twenty year old Swedish guy, took us to the club.
My British coffee cup is from Jersey.
Looking forward to the Hollywood blockbusters based on famous work of art. #london #brandrecognition
Praise be.
Healthcare may come and go, but the Force will be with you, always. #maythe4th
Being my best self.
Maybe this watch stops poverty?
@glisbe bachelor party off to a weird start.
She comin'.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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