Just casually bonding, discussing and displaying dem sweeet tren effects. @jonskywalker nice meeting you big Juicy #torontotrensetter
"Bro I fucking swear I'm a lifetime natty" ... "Mannnnnnn noooo fucking way" "I'm whatever sells bro, like duck eggs"
Staying positive in Toronto. #torontoproshow
I'm driving down to check out the expo without a plan. If anyone looking for an adventure... Or looking to meet @1dayumay . Let me know, worst case scenario I sleep in the car, best case TBD 🙏🏽 haha. #wanderlust #wanderingsoul
When you are recognized for years of battling and hard work. Thanks for the sponsorship @_gainzville and fuelling me push even harder! #welcometogainzville #ingainswetrust #sponsoredathlete
Watching the sens game with the Nepfffew. 👶🏼👼🏼
Praying to the rave Gods.
There's no time like the present
Need more fiber. Cuz more fiber means less bloat. ✌🏽️🔪
Quick tip ! Use Vinegar with your high carb Meals #Vinegars (acetic acid) slow down the digestive process because they inactivate the production of certain digestive enzymes responsible for carbohydrate digestion. This makes it a lot more difficult for the body to breakdown carbohydrates when eaten along with vinegar. The vinegar forces the body to release the simple sugars from those carbohydrates slowly into the bloodstream preventing blood sugar spikes... This is why people started putting vinegar on foods like French fries! #highcarbday #frenchfry #nutritionist #info
Like jeez Kim way to hit me right in the ego 😂 #leanbean #carbedup #sushi
Last nights feels 😂 #recovery #addictedtothepump
Spring cleaning release and let go ✌🏽️🐥
Eyyyyy Daddddio. Sadly We attended a wake tonight for the passing of a Naighbour and friend. -What I leave you with is this. - "We cannot escape death, but we may be able to escape death while living" #thoughts #bealive #betrulyalive
One thing I know, once I start chasing the summers... I'll never stop. #liveforsun #noshirtallsummer 😝🌞
This week the magic will happen and I'll get to a super low babyfat and drop all that water. My plan is to create for myself and anyone interested a 3 week prep. I also plan on offering a new service next month 🙌🏽 stay tuned. My #shreddingSecret ? .. I love this, I want it and I am willing to push myself to my goals. "I get today, so I can give tomorrow" -Sptl.Svg #obsessed #gettodaygivetomorrow
Naps are bae. Nuff said
*Attention all HOCKEY PLAYERS* My motivated and driven brother is now the owner of a Hockey Squad. He is looking for players interested in trying out born in 1997-2001. Now your chance to keep the dream alive and have fun with your buddy's. #lanark #lanarkcounty #lanarkhockey #loggers
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