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Dinner for the next 2 days. Sirloin steak strips on a bed of Kale, broccoli & cabbage topped with olive oil, spicy mustard and no salt seasoning. Low carb doesn't have to taste like shit... #prep
I don't compare myself to others. However, I do look at others for motivation and a vision. @stevecook is my definition of a Phyisque, mindset and lifestyle I am looking to learn and strive towards. Thanks for the motivation....and quitting #crossfit 💪🏽😝 I still got 9 weeks to tune my Phyisque, looking forward to every moment of it.
Where all my Savage individuals at 🙌🏽💯 #united
I've lived in the dark for so long, maybe that's why i see so much value in the light. I find its the ones that realized they were dead, that want to live so badly. #shadows
Hey @derekhillephotography I found your glasses.. And tried them on... And took a selfie. 🙀 #theft
Im addicted to progress, I'll never be finished. 🔪🙏🏽 #building
Had to stop due to fart laughing 🙀 oh well. #backday
My boy Bauer wearing the brand new "On Purpose" Spiritual Savage hat ! It will be available FOR SALE in the online store by the end of the week! * This company is about people living life on THIER terms, On Purpose, following Their hearts and making dreams a reality. Whatever you Do! Do it with Purpose! SPTL.SVG - Lower Ego, Higher Self
I against I. Simple but not easy. #innerstrength
Captured this picture of @lee_naj and @mark.straw last night after a long photoshoot. *I wanted to post this picture to show the importance of friendship. These two guys cast NO judgement upon one-another, help one-another achieve their goals, work as a team and Inspire others. Being 27 years old I DO NOT look at this lightly, good friends are hard to find. I hope they look back at this one day and remember the challenges they faced TOGETHER. #strongerinnumbers #pumppals
Low Carb, High Passion. #delts
It's Saturday?, caption cares ... None. #fuckit
No two people see the same world, we all have different perspectives. Think about that before you judge others. #snipe photog @nicowinter_ 🙌🏽
Guy at the store, Jeez man you must go to the gym a lot. You spent a lot on chicken. Me... It's like 4 days worth 😩💸 📉☠ #expensivehobbies
Happy National Pizza Day. The one thing that's always Been there for me. Through good and bad pizza will always be bae. ❤️ #love
Imma make this kiddie look fat. Enjoy the process, stress free. 🐷🔪💯 #lastshow
Way backkkk when Wednesday, to this young aesthetic gentleman. Jeez I've let myself go. 😂🙄 #firstshow
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