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Well I dislike Ottawa Edm festivals but... Above & beyond... And all my trance favs. Looks like a must go #tranceislife
Hospital naps. It's confirmed, no show and off for 6-12 months. Surgery tomorrow, *Don't ego lift kids. #offseason
Feels. Always. 💯
Art and nephew
DM or comment thanks!
Constant excitement. 😻
National puppy day with my boy Odie #nationalpuppyday
I can't even begin to tell you all the magic that happened yesterday...the energy sheeeee flowssssss 🌊 #hospital #smiles #monkey #ninjaturtles
April 14th, It will never get old. #fastandfurious
Always upsides.. Always 😈✌🏽️
Can't fucking sleep, shoulda checked my voicemail in the morning. Forced to throw in the towel? Fuck
Lean into the fear babyyyyyy #cantstop
When you go from ahead on your prep to behind. Ew dirty ass white fish #lean #gross
A butterfly comes and goes. Light and elegant, they touch you ever so gently, give and hardly take. They may only grace you with a moment of their time but I promise that moment can feel like time has stopped. Infatuated by the beauty and uniqueness, I flow like never before. Though it might have been a moment, in that moment I felt free, in that moment there was no pain in the world, in that moment there was..and never was, any pain within. Time was merely a word. Once a child who could not walk, I learnt how. I grew. We should never forget what it's like to crawl. #fly #freedom #thoughts #weightless
Well I really don't like the looks of my back in this pic. But hey, we all need a prior self to improve from. #gainsbyfire
After a night of solid raving with my main man, glad to are home for another solid summer of fun & gains. - I wanted to cry a couple times that night, cuz I realized my emotions were so hurt. It's alright to be hurt, but hanging onto it has weighted me down. By the end of the party, I was cleansed in a deep house,sweat drenched, bath of freedom. Music & dance is one of my forms of meditation. I rave for me, we go alone. "It's a different kind of "fucked up".... When you are running into.. Not away from" - Sptl.Svg
"A Little Raving never hurt nobody" -Bob Marley
Hey Mat what did you do today - Me ^ haha
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