Shelly Scholten

Not a Vegan🍕 🇳🇱Dutch🇨🇦Canadian 👻shellysho / @1and1life 💪🏽

This is my angry face, because I woke up sick today 🤧
Soon I'll be able to do this without the pole #practicemakesperfect
@mpestudios was tired of me missing flights, so they hooked me up with a plane that would wait for me ☺️🎥🎬 I think I actually miss more flights than I make...
No one knows your inner battle. No one knows the challenges you face and the sacrifice it takes to do what you do. But just remember, you're not alone. 📸 @kentaveryphoto
I'm thinkin bout it every night🎵 📸@kentaveryphoto
So thankful for the ladies at @lalasercenter for prepping my skin with the hydra facial before shooting! Just wrapped a 12 hour commercial shoot. I am ready for bed! 😴 sweet dreams everyone!
Haters will say it's photoshop 🙄😂 Jk I've just always wanted to say that. 🤣 I definitely smoothed my goosebumps. But to be fair, it was minus a million degrees when we shot this. 😅 shot by @ainsley_rose for @londrebodywear these one piece suits are SO comfy and wait till you see the designs on them. 😍
Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective
The last 3 or 4 reps is what makes the muscles grow. Push yourself past the point where you feel like you have nothing left in you 💪🏼
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