Shelly Scholten

Not a Vegan🍕 🇳🇱Dutch🇨🇦Canadian 👻shellysho

Been up to somethin 👀
📸 @martin_depict set 💜
Don't believe everything you think ☠️ 📸 @photofinishes
Walked into a bar last night and they were playing Nirvana. Nailed it. 📸 @kristenschmisten
Just fought off a shark 😏 Have a great weekend everyone!! 🙋🏻☺️
Who would you go skinny dipping with? also go check out @markdohner newest IG post! 😏 📸 @tirro_
Somethings going to grow from all that you are going through, and it's going to be you 👊🏼 📸 @martin_depict 💄 @makeupbylucky
One day you're going to wake up and realize there is no time left to do the things you've always wanted to do. Do it now! 💞 📸 @tirro_
Last night with the fam 🥂 Happy New Year everyone!! Wishing you all a very happy 2017 😘
Who shot this at the last @martin_depict workshop? Tag yourself! 💀 I'll be back shooting January 7th&8th with @martin_depict for the advanced and intermediate classes! Reserve your spot at
Leave the past behind, just walk away 🖕🏼🎶
Humanity should be our race, love should be our religion. 💞
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