Shelly Scholten

Not a Vegan🍕 🇳🇱Dutch🇨🇦Canadian 👻shellysho / @1and1life 💪🏽

Numero Uno 💋
Sometimes you have to hit low so you can bounce back up high, even higher than before. 💪🏼 📸 @photofinishes
Lookin back at January like, 🤷🏻‍♀️ where'd you go? 📸 @brianchristopher__ 💄 @beautybydchinchilla Studio: @jonescrow
Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that I am joining Team @1and1life ! A lot of you have asked about my workouts and I will finally be able to share them with you through my own EBook! You will also be able to sign up for online coaching and choose me as your coach, read my blogs on our website, interact with me through our private Facebook group and much more! 😊 • I will keep you updated on when my personal page and blog is up on the website and when my EBook is available. For now, follow our main page @1and1life for team updates! #1and1women #1and1life 👆🏼☝🏼
Been up to somethin 👀
📸 @martin_depict set 💜
Don't believe everything you think ☠️ 📸 @photofinishes stlyed: @brittanyroberson_
Walked into a bar last night and they were playing Nirvana. Nailed it. 📸 @kristenschmisten
Just fought off a shark 😏 Have a great weekend everyone!! 🙋🏻☺️
Who would you go skinny dipping with? also go check out @markdohner newest IG post! 😏 📸 @tirro_
Somethings going to grow from all that you are going through, and it's going to be you 👊🏼 📸 @martin_depict 💄 @makeupbylucky
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