"If lying was a crime we'd all be in jail"- Emily Fields ❤ Shay liked x390 reposted x2 Huw x4 Lisa x3 Big Shot x2 Sammy x3 Carlene x4 Lucy x2

rip me
Dayum @shaym I really like that lip colour 💋
me af 🤘🏻 I always take a photo b4 I eat 😎
Currently walking around the house in heels just cause🤓
Thank you so much @sashapieterse.27 ilysm bb this is literally the cutest and made my day❤️ you always know how to make me smile 🤓 te dua shumeee 💞 🤘🏻
i dont wanna live anymore
that awkward moment when you see your ex in public 🙂
I must confess @shaym you looking fresh 🤘🏻
@shaym would b rich if looking good was her profession
i hate my account sfm
I fin luv this @thepllparody thank you for making this 😂 made my day🤘🏻
YAS YAS YAS YAS YAS #EMISONISENDGAME Credit to @shayslaysme 🤘🏻
An angel 😇 Repost from @mylovelyshay 😘
never forget ✌🏻
Who do you think tops?
its emison yo
👅 💦 Credz @xshayisbae ❤️
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