Mendes Army ❤

I'm a muffin girl in a Mendes world ❤️ We love muffins and hate tomatoes

Sorry for not posting anything for 2 days? I guess. I've been busy with school shits and I'm soooo tired ugh 😫😫😫 great mornight everyone! ZzzZ
Special shoutout to @thestoryofmyawkwardlife !! We have so many in common 😂💕💕
Just so u know I love everyone of u!! 😘
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I'm cRYING 😂😂😭 @mendassarmy I love ur username btw 😂💕
I wanna meet the mendes army so bad!! 😭❤
OkAY zAyn is mY pEt
I love hot charm (I'm gonna be honest😂) #mendesarmy #bestfanarmy #iheartawards #bestcover #here
I have shitloads of homework ugh 😭😭💔 #bestfanarmy #mendesarmy #iheartawards #bestcover #here
Ask me guys! ❤️
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@mendess__shawn @shawnandcameronlovex @shawnisdaddyasf tagged me!! Thank u guys ily ❤️❤️
GUYS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! TWEET USING ALL THE HASTAGS TO VOTE GUYS! ❤❤❤ p.s. sorry for posting a lot today ahahah I'm shiz
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Hi guys I'm sorry in advance if I'm inactive because school and yea I'll have homeworks, exams, assignments and moreover i have a big exam coming up end of this year and my mom would prohibit me from using my phone so yah tc and ily xx
Guys idk who made this but all credits goes to the amazing person who made this ❤️ and my school starts tmrw brb gonna stab myself. Ok have a great mornight 😉
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