"El Dorado" Shakira's new album will be dropped in 26th of May, Get ready & Chill out! Watch the official video clip of "Me Enamoré"↙

INDIGO😍 #shakira @shakira
Reminder: this lady is turning 40 next month. (Waiting for a good quality tho) #shakira @shakira
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 5 "Favorite Shakira song of "She wolf" album" Well, This was really hard to answer because each song of this album is special for me. But I chose 'Why Wait' this one is so cool & full of energy; The moment I play it I feel like I need to dance! #shakira #shakifans
I used to say that my queen doesn't wear a crown.. But now I guess I've changed my mind! And, Apparently these two behind (Sasha & Milan) are eager to know about their gifts LOL #Queen #shakira @shakira
According to @Shakira , The upcoming album will be released in the Spring of this year! So guys imagine how close is it!!!🍻 #shakira
#New Shakira for @CosmoChile ! 🙌🏼 #shakira #shakifans
#New Shakira for @CosmoChile ! 🙌🏼 #shakira #shakifans
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 4 "Favorite Shakira video" Well this is sooo hard to answer, But after like 10mins of thinking I chose this video overall "Hips don't like" because.. Don't you see baby; This is perfection😌 #shakira @shakira
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 3 "Favorite collaboration" Here is it! My favorite one is with @alejandrosanz "La Tortura" this song is so underrated & sexy! It rejuvenates me!! #shakira @shakira
An exclusive interview with Shakira on NRJ on 6/1/17! Stay tuned #shakira #nrj
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 2 "Favorite Shakira Hairstyle" This is definitely one of the best hairstyle she'd ever had plus my favorite one of all; Because I loved her untraditional way by making these braids as a crown & it really fits her dress. #shakira #shakifans
A toast to those days.. #TheVoice #Shakira #MilanPique
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