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Here to post daily and to provide you the best coverage for Shakira's latest updates. I hope you're enjoying my account! ;)

Thrid favorite casual outift. She is so cute I can't!😩 Would love to remind you that tomorrow's Monday, fuck😭😂 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Second favorite casual outfit. I literally miss Shakira outside, I want new updates for Heaven's sake😓 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Resuming the challenge I started a few days ago. Day 3 -- Favorite Shakira's casual outift(s) I love this style so much! And hope to see more like this💕 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Chantaje is about to hit 2 billion plays! This is incredibly amazing😍 #shakira @shakira #shakifans #maluma #chantaje
#BREAKINGNEWS 😍 The Latin American Music Awards will take place on 26 October this year, And so we must congratulate our queen @Shakira for leading the list with 9 nominations, Making her the most nominated artist in 2017!!! The list of nominations are: 1)Artist of the year 2)Single of the year (2 nominations) 3)Favorite song (Chantaje) 4)Favorite collaboration (Chantaje Ft. Maluma) 5)Album of the year (El Dorado) 6)Favorite female artist 7)Favorite album (El Dorado) 8)Favorite song (Chantaje) I'm so proud of Shak and can't wait to see her rocking the stage and slaying 'em all!❤😎 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
-- I've always wanted to post this beautiful make-up edit, by the talented @xoshakira. Shak looks so adorable!😍 -- One more thing, I'll resume the 7 days Shakira challenge tomorrow! Have a nice day. #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Okay I will admit, I haven't watched the Carpool Karaoke yet (But I will)😂 I mean, I'm very exhausted, plus I have tones of school stuff! and I'm here only chilling out and doing nothing!! #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Hey Shakbuddies! I'm finally back. Thank you all for the nice comments you left on my two last posts, I missed you all!❤❤ #shakira @shakira #shakifans
I hope you all are having a nice day so far! Again, sorry for my inactivity. tomorrow hopefully I'll be free💕 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Hey all! Sorry for my inactivity. But I'm super busy and there's no Wi-Fi so.. 😭😭 I missed you all. And hopefully on Saturday I'll be covering all the new updates (if there's lol) #shakira @shakira #shakifans
I'm quite happy because here -- where I am now, there's a good Wi-Fi. And honestly speaking, I feel like I'm missing a piece of mine when I am away from this account💕 #shakira @shakira #shakifans #love #golden
This little dog keeps on making me jealous, I mean look at his tiny hand on Shak's shoulder😂🐶 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
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