Welcome to the biggest French fanpage of Shakira on Instagram. #PostingInEnglish

Can't believe my eyes! "Chantaje" has finally reached 700M views on Youtube! Keep on watching it guys; let's make it Shakira's second video to reach 1B! #maluma #shakira @maluma @shakira
"Deja Vu".. Tomorrow! Are you ready? #shakira #shakifans @PrinceRoyce
Good morning y'all🙋😍 #shakira
This monday "Deja Vu" will be released as a single!! Stay tuned~ @PrinceRoyce @shakira
Can't get enough listening to Selena Gomez's "It ain't me" it's such a catchy song. #shakira #shakifans
Good morning buddies. Have a field day💕 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
Deja Vu is released this monday, Comme Moi is already a single and the new song with Nicky Jam is coming. #shakira @shakira #shakifans
I wished if we had more photos of this commercial. She looked flawlessly amazing!🔥❤ #shakira #shakifans @shakira
Everybody needs an anchor a little something that makes you stay, an incentive someone to fight for cause no one really needs so much space #23 #shakira #gerardpique @shakira @3gerardpique
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