Welcome to the biggest French fanpage of Shakira on Instagram. #PostingInEnglish

30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 21 "Favoeite song on Fijación Oral" ~Super easy! It's "La Tortura"❤👌 #shakira #shakifans
Am I the only one who thinks Shak's lips are the best? lol #shakira
Tomorrow Shakira will be interviewed by German radio station Energy! #shakira #shakifans
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 20 "A photo of Shak that makes you laugh" ~This cute one. 😂 she's like (Oh shit, What a handsome boy!!) #shakira #shakifans
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 19 "Favorite song on Shakira album" ~ It's "Chasing shadow" especially that it's written by the talented Sia, Such a catchy song! #shakira #shakifans
#TBT those days!!! Happy birthday, again my little angel💕 #shakira
So effective. LOL
Would love to be the first one who wishes this piece of cuteness a very happy birthday. Milan Piqué would always be my favorite kid (even compared to the future ones🙈) of the Piqué-Mebarak family; you know he's the 1st child and the one who stole our hearts easily! I wish you all the best & May u'll always be surrounded by your family and by love❤. Our future champion; I love you so much! This edit was made by me; It shows you the evolution of Milan. I loved it!
Guess whose birthday's tomorrow?🙈🙈 It's Milan's!! #MilanPique
Have you listened to "Chantaje" (John-Blake remix)? I didn't like it at all, It's so messy😧 #shakira @shakira #maluma @maluma
30 Days Shakira Challenge - Day 18 "Favorite Shakira perfume" ~ It's 'Rock By Shakira' whenever I go; I always wear it, Its smell is just awesome! #shakira
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