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💥Welcome to Shak's most comprehensive Fan Page on Instagram! - 💥I'm seeing Shakira live on 10/11/17 during her EL DORADO World Tour in Paris.

I miss her😭👊 #shakira @shakira #shakifans
14 days Shakira challenge // Day 5 -- Favorite Rock influenced song. + This is sooo difficult, I have many! But at the moment I'm so in love with "Si Te Vas" it's just a pure masterpiece. And it saddens me not seeing people talking about it that much. @shakira #shakifans #shakira #Rock
#NEW @Shakira for her new fragrance "Diamonds". It's out in Portugal & Spain NOW! Get yours and share it with us ;)💙 #shakira #sexy #shakifans
Look what @Shakicity found in Portugal! A new released fragrance by Shakira named 'Diamond'. I wonder why no one talks about it but anyways, I want the HQ version of the cover NOW😅😿 #shakira #shakifans @shakira #new #fragrance #perfume #diamond
I want to see Shak in TV Shows. 'SHAKIRA' era was full of these activities, while 'EL DORADO' is not😿 But I'm still hoping for promotions. #shakira #shakifans @shakira #TheTonightShow
🍃|| 14 days Shakira challenge // Day 4 -- Favorite Shakira cover. Je L'aime A Mourir - I was literally waiting for today's prompt just to start expressing my love towards this cover "Je l'aime a mourir" Ahh.. The fact that Shak sings a little bit in Spanish and then continuous singing in French made it like HEAVEN! The song is amazing for real, but when Shak sings it there's something I could feel but I couldn't explain. I have a memory with this song that I'd love to share with you, one day I was listening to it and one of my family's friend was listening too but he doesn't understand French so he asked me about the meaning of "Je L'aime a mourir" I replied it's "I love her until death" he said: "Do you think he'll stop loving his lover when he/she dies" I replied: "that's what the song says" then he said sth that amazed me, he said "why don't we modify this title and say "I could die loving her"! After he said that I was totally intrigued, I felt that this is the most appropriate name for the song combining with the lyrics, rhythm and way of singing. I even started shedding a few tears. And now anyone who listens to it I suggest this imaginary title for him/her so they become totally in love! Btw, there's a part of the lyrics that inspires me and strengthens me to get over problems "Pour être si forte aujourd'hui, elle a dû faire toutes les guerres de la vie, et l'amour aussi" it means: "she fights all the wars, life and love to become strong today" 💙 Wow just overwhelmed by this perfection! I could talk and talk until tomorrow but I don't wanna receive insults lol. #shakira #shakifans @shakira
Read below please⤵ Sth has been spinning around my head for days. It's all related to the most followed Shakira fanpage on IG @shakira_updates , with more than half a million of followers. Most of you know the amount of hatred I have towards the owner (I've discovered recently she's a girl) because of numerous of reasons: Copying all the original Shakira accs, Ascribing all the photos as hers by putting her own watermark, so mean when it comes to dealing with followers; she has even blocked me when I wanted to show her the ugliness she has. Moreover, when sb comments (as it always happens to us) "Are you Shakira?" She fucking replied "YES" like WTF? All the celebrities have a similar fans that own fanpages with over 500K followers but the difference is that the owners of these huge accs share updates, news, photos etc with followers and lift up their idol! But that girl honestly kills me! I mean, with that amount of followers you can help and do MAGICAL things to the fandom, by helping fans get noticed and to communicate with Shak via videos (since her videos' views count with over 300K views) that must be crazy! I've tried so hard to deliever her this idea but no RESPONDES at all, she tends to act stuck up because of her huge account which is sth DEFINITELY wrong and unacceptable. - So the queston here, Does anyone share me the same opinion? #shakira #shakifans @shakira
🍃|| 14 days Shakira challenge // Day 3 -- Favorite song from least favorite album. Well my least favorite album is -surprise- "Peis Descalzos" I don't mean that I hate it but I rarely listen to its songs and I often skip them all. but as an answer for today's challenge I'm going with "Antología" my favorite song! and actually it's the only song I enjoy out of PD album. This might be because I haven't raised up with that album or even have the mood to listen to it probably. however, Antologia makes me feel crave towards the old Shakira even though after almost 20 years she still has the same voice and same initiative. + #shakira #shakifans @shakira #antologia
What if Shak posted a similar photo like this? It'd be super awesome!😻🤗 #shakira #shakifans @shakira #kids
Just wanted to bless your feed with a golden #throwback to 2009 when Shak ignited Paris with "She Wolf". I hope Shak opens up the El Dorodo World Tour with either She Wolf or Whenever Wherever. 😻 - #shakira #shakifans @shakira #2009 #paris #shewolf #sexy #performance
🍃|| 14 days Shakira challenge // Day 2 -- Song that makes you the happiest. I was a little bit confused between Men in this town and Mon amour. so I played the two songs and looked at the mirror to notice which one makes me happier (Just kidding😂). But after a long thinking I'm going with "Mon Amour", it's a bit hard to choose since almost all Shak's songs make me so happy. however, mon amour has a special taste and touch it doesn't even make me happy but sometimes (according to my mood) it makes me laugh because of the lyrics and the way Shak sings it. I'm really hoping one day Shak releases a similar song like this. it'd be definitely a heavenly thing! - #shakira #shakifans @shakira #monamour #164K
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