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~EL DORADO Era ~Shakira is a Legend

Curly hair make her looks so cute😭😍
Oh my God This photos are so cute😭 {When a dog is luckier than all of the Shakifans}
Im in love with this photo so much Shakira looks like an 18 years old goddess (And Maluma looks hot=_= damn)
Thinking about going back to school next Saturday ruin all of my good feelings
My favorite part of video And it was less than 2 seconds😐
Thanks God that im not the only one who didn't like the video! I mean i liked it but not that much I didn't like the atmosphere and um it didn't give me the SHAKIRA vibe Totally it was cool but it wasn't exactly what i expected🎷
Can't wait for the Perro fiel music video
I love this photo so much😭its so cute😭
I really don't know why im posting this photo
Ugh i've got a bad cold😭
RED LIPSTICK SUCKS Wow God she looks so hot🔥 #perrofielvideo
Just feeling nervous about going back to school :"|
I hate the way that some of the Shakifans treat Knowing themselves as the best Shakifans and the only ones who understand Shakira and respect her works I just feel insulted when they write a caption about Shakira's song,works and etc... And im like are you Talkin' about me? I mean stop proving us that you are the best cause we are all Shakifans We love her as much as you love her so you don't need to prove the others that you are so wise like the other Shakifans are Stupid or somethibg and they don't understand her :| (Im not talking about you @shaksun 😂❤)
Empire performance styles are so fierce I love them so much Specially this one!
I wish that "perro fiel's" music video come out tomorrow! Its about 1months and 10days that we are waiting for it
I love the way that Shakira promote her singles Thats just so cute She start sharing some BHTS videos Or repost dancing videos She seems so humble *-*
Why i have never ever seen this amazing photo before?
WOW GOD IT GIVES ME 90s VIBE #perrofielvideo #shakira
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