Love Always Wins❤

Hii👋🏻 Selenators ISN'T just a fandom WE'RE a family🌸 - Be the reason someone smiles today☺️ - Be yourself because everyone else is taken😌

Goodnight💜 @selenagomez #selenagomez
I've been fixing my new iPhone that's why i haven't been active @selenagomez #selenagomez
She's so beautiful it's unreal 😍 Hacked by the amazing @sclcnagcmez sup emma — @selenagomez #selenagomez
Good Night💓😘
Selena slapping gigi's ass is the best thing ever cause same girl same😂😂 — @selenagomez #selenagomez #gigihadid
the worst is when i'm bored, so im on my phone and my it is on 2%.. No wayy😫
This woman just makes me so happy💜 @selenagomez #selenagomez
I don't know if i should open my new phone today or tomorrow because my number won't work on it until tomorrow🤔 @selenagomez #selenagomez
My head hurts now😩 @selenagomez #selenagomez
I was about to shower but my sister just took it😒 @selenagomez #selenagomez
I bought a iPhone 7 plus today😍 @bellahadid #bellahadid @gigihadid #gigihadid
Home sweet home☺ @selenagomez #selenagomez
I just tried to make fruit shake but the machine doesnt work. I started living healthy life today, but i stop it now. Comeon. Everyone knows healthy life is not for me😂 at least i tried ..
It's January which means everyone is working out and stuff and it motivated me to work out too, but now i wanna die😩 it hurts.. everywhere😭🙏🏻 (altough i didnt do it for long.. 20 mins so unfit😂)
Thanks God I don't have school tomorrow🙏🏻💕
Her smile❤😻
Goodmorning💜 @selenagomez #selenagomez
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