Scooter Braun

You don't know how to live if you don't know how to give

The last 48 hours have been beyond devastating. As a father I cannot express my sorrow and my rage at this cowardice act. These were children. They were attacked because of our way of life. Our love of freedom and each other. There are no words that will comfort. There is nothing that can be said to make 22 return to their families today. I am so so sorry for their loss. I am so sorry to all those affected. Thank you to people of Manchester who have come together to help save lives and give shelter. Your courage and bravery is our hope. As I stated last night let's please all hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in our hearts and prayers. From myself and my friend @arianagrande ...We are with you Manchester. We will not let evil win! Never!
10 years ago I was sitting in my underwear on my couch with a big dream of building a company. I had no family contacts, no resources....just a really big dream and a laptop. I went after it and I had the honor of having a few people take a chance on me. What started with 2 unknowns @asherroth and @justinbieber has grown to a company that others now in @billboard compare to major companies like Live Nation with my great friend @michaelrapino , and Red Light with the legendary Coran Capshaw who I once studied. So thanks to Daniel Miller for showing love even indirectly. I'm proud of what we have built at @sb_projects and grateful to Asher, Steve, Pattie, Justin, and all the other amazing people and artists for taking a chance on that kid in Atlanta with a big dream. And if you're reading this... YOU could be next. Dream BIG! Thanks.
New tour merch from @justinbieber and @jerrylorenzo #purposetourstadiums 🔥🔥🔥
JJ ridin dirty
Very cool to visit @goldcoastk9 and see all the life saving work they do. Me and Addy became friends . Thanks guys
Just a little 2 step @tmcleod
Great date night with @Yael and @martingarrix
Heading to SF to see this guy play one of his 3 sold out shows. Birthday week with @martingarrix !! @sb_projects
Be a part of the moment don't just be there. Don't miss the now. It has so much more to offer than you realize if you embrace it!
Make sure to watch our season finale of @scorpioncbs tonight!!! On @cbstv at 10
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