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باسم والدتي للا نزهة الركراكي و والدي الاستاذ بشير عبدو وباسمي ، ابارك لسيدي محمد السادس نصره الله و اطال في عمره ، الذكرى ‏54 لعيد الشباب ، " الله يبارك فعمر سيدي ، الله يخليك لينا نعم سيدي " #الله_ينصر_سيدنا
I want to thank my fans , radio stations , TV channels , journalists , all the platforms for their amazing support ,, "let go" is our song not only mine , so exited and happy when I see it competing with international hits .. all I can say is alhamdoullah wellah yensar sidna #الله_ينصر_سيدنا #saadlamjarred1 #saadlamjarred #sl_letgo #love_my_fans_forever_and_ever
Look inside my soul and see how bad I want it #الله_ينصر_سيدنا #sadlamjarred1 #saadlamjarred #sl_letgo @hamidiayoub
Dear fans , my friends did a really beautiful surprise for me , and here I am sharing it with you ... big hugs and kisses❤️ #الله_ينصر_سيدنا #saadlamjarred1 #saadlamjarred #love_my_fans_forever_and_ever @hamidiayoub @mimialeblanc @voyageurjewelry @woowalex @wachmacouture @ghitaelallaki
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