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Every class in every grade in every school in America and beyond has a weird kid. Class of 2021, here's your weird kid. Talk about him behind his back, not to his face or he'll eat your head too. When your a monster kid the cool kids accept your weirdness in return for not getting stuffed in a locker. Does everyone remember Ogre from the movie Revenge of the Nerds ?
#Repost @dannycars13 (@get_repost ) ・・・ Part 2️⃣ The struggle is real (please see part 1 first 👇🏼 ) As the anxiety and blood pressure kick up, things take a turn for the worse. I think in the first 10seconds there I think his life flashed before his eyes (look close you can actually see this happening)🔥😭😩despite a valiant effort to crush the little red 🌶 @rogermathewsnj had to fight the wrath of the #ghostpepper . I really didn't think he was going to make it out of the restaurant for a minute, but listen, I woulda hit him with a fire hose to the face before we missed Summerslam. So a few packets of sugar, some ice cream, and a few hundred glasses of water later we made it to the event. So next time your wife says that shit is 🔥 and your daughter says no daddy please, you better listen to them. Great times and another story to add to our collection. #mothergooseaintgotshitonus #40dollarvodkawasheditdownnice #makemedoahorribletruffleshufflewillya
#Repost @dannycars13 (@get_repost ) ・・・ Part 1️⃣ (The Pepper)🌶 so there we were sitting at dinner @patsyspizzabk getting ready to head over to Summerslam. Dinner is finished, and we're getting ready to pay the bill when Meilani discover a little 🌶 garden in the restaurant. (Scene Set)@rogermathewsnj quickly removes it from her hand and we set it on the table. @jwoww comes back from the ladies room and the conversation quickly turns to who will bite this 🌶. (The Bet) @jwoww quickly grabs it and bites the tip off of it and as fast as it went in, it came out, landing in the cannoli dessert. Dam that is 🔥 she says! Yeah yeah @rogermathewsnj says it can't be that bad, let me have at it (See☝🏻video) Not bad @rogermathewsnj says, followed by double bicep pose, and a full feeling of accomplishment. In the background Meilani knew better from watching mommies experience just a few minutes before, so she pleaded for daddy not to eat the 🌶 because she didn't want him to burn his mouth (too cute 😇) He didn't listen!!!!! Does anyone know what pepper this is ? That joint was strait fire !!!
A few weeks ago Jenni suggested taking our friends and their kids (who are huge WWE fans) to SummerSlam. I wanted to bring Meilani cause she's older and usually can hang tough. I even offered to take her back to the van if she got tired or cranky. What we didn't plan on was Meilani didn't take a nap the day of and the van that brought us wasn't the same one that would be taking us home after the event was over so it wasn't waiting on standby. Mom shot Dad a few dirty looks as I was taking this video. Sorry Mom. All in all she did great and made it almost to the end. Lesson learned. She really had a blast though. #HowDaHellSheSleepThroughThisNoise
Everyone knows I'm a die hard MMA/ UFC fan. I'm a little new to this wrestling thing but the kids love it so I'm a fan. This Finn Balor dude has got an insane intro and is probably the most athletic and sensational new school wrestler I've seen. Thanks to my buddy @dannycars13 for bringing me up to speed on some of these guys. Great show!
Some Big Boys at Summer Slam last night. Good times with the fam and friends. Big thanks to @joylynnjohnson for making it all happen. The Mathews clan and friends appreciate you.
The Mathews first WWE event. There will be another. Greyson aka Bubba Badass will come next time and dominate. #SummerSlam #Brooklyn
It was my honor to meet @ericlegrand52 at WWE SummerSlam last night. Thanks for taking the time to be such a gentleman to my family and I.
Tried for twenty mins to wake her up. She needed a diaper change after 10 hours in the wilderness. Daddy had to take measures into his own hands. Hey Haters- We were all wearing diapers. It's what you do in the wilderness. Mine was made from the pelt of a bear. I looked like Jenni naked while I was wearing it. #CampingFamily
They survived a night full of bear attacks, wild hyenas, a boogie monster who kept trying to break into our tent and daddy's farts only to be taken out by an air mattress in the morning. @wray_sean
Daddy's and daughters camping out in the backyard. It's the only way to end a day of hanging out in the pool with family and friends. @wray_sean @jwoww @candicekimberly #Blessed
Bubba Luv playing no games. Promised him I'd cook him a T bone steak if he went down the water slide. He said "Make it two and I'll do it naked while holding the dog ". He ate well tonight. He ate well indeed.
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