Loanly boy _A head full of dreams!! A heart full of love,,, And sooooo mooody

She is still alive for me!!!! I can feel her when i listen to this amazing album♡♡♡♡ R.I.P AMY :-(
I think it's beautiful i think it's worth it😜😍😍😙 ONE WEEK TO THE AMAZING HERE😲😲 In albumo pish kharid konin-😈😈😉
Album bi nazir Tove lo dar rahe faghat 2 hafte moonde😲😲3ta single barash omade mitoonin download konin va ba sabkesh ashna beshi👍👍 TWO WEEKS TO LADY WOOD 😢😢 NEW SINGLE ,TRUE DISASTER💜💜 CANT WAIT 😃😃😫😫
If you like dark R&B THIS ALBUM IS A MUST HAVE Download or buy it❤❤❤💙💙👣👣
Twoooooooo weeeeks😱😱😱😖😖😖 to the gloryyyy Joanne_!?!!??!!!! #Joanne October 21 near to Halloween. دو هفته تا بازگشت lady gaga با البوم و سبک جدید بنام Joanne 😍😍
My first quote😭😭😊😊
Nothing left to say