Robin Arzon

Street athlete. Former lawyer. NYT Bestselling Author of Shut Up & Run. VP & Instructor @pelotoncycle BOOKINGS: SNAP: robinarzon

To do list: Do epic shit. Major ❀ to my @pelotoncycle fam who SLAYED that Bear Mountain ride. Catch it On Demand or on the app. See you Monday for more savagery. Xx
How badly do you want it? Working on imbalances today with @stephencheuk @s10training. Back to basics as I ramp up mileage for ultra training. Empowered by choosing the harder road. Do the work. Hustle isn't an Instagram filter. This workout kicked my ass! Thanks, Stephen. Xx
All the way up! Don't miss my latest CLIMB rides. 20 min Climb now OD & Saturday 9:30AM Bear Mountain - we climb for 45. Buckle up. Xx πŸ“· @andi.elloway
On set with @theknot Magazine today! Thrilled to partner with them for my wedding. They get me, my vibe, my sass. Can't wait to reveal the editorial we shot today! Xx
We got more to give! Check out my two new Beyond the Ride cross training workouts on the @pelotoncycle app. 10 min Abs Toning & 5 min Stretch. #beyondtheride
Surround yourself with people who lift you higher. πŸ‘kicked @fhittingroom before the sun rose. Endorphins trump the snooze button. Xx πŸ“· @iamdrewbutler - my fave workout partner
From the ground up, I created myself first into a lawyer, then a runner, & now we're here. There's no elevator to success. Let's keep building. @y7studio Hip Hop Yoga vibes. πŸ™πŸ½
Mind over miles. Check out my video with @incmagazine. I discuss how to get mentally ready to run an ultra. Link in bio.
Walked in my truth, unapologetically. He found me. No saving. No fairy tales. Surrendering to the sacred puts all that to shame. β€πŸ‘‘πŸ’@iamdrewbutler
MOOD. Double Slay @pelotoncycle 6AM Tabata // @rumble_boxing before the sun rose. Feeling πŸ’ͺ🏽. 2/14 is just another day to love yourself. Do that. Xx πŸ“· @reignandrebel_
Keep your head in clouds & the fire in your belly. #bts from a dope project with @incmagazine coming soon. Xx
Spreading good vibes like glitter. @pelotoncycle City T shirt line is πŸ”₯. Rep your set. See you tonight 4:30/5:30pm. πŸŽ‰
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