Ana Ritzy Armada

Sleepy baby. ❤ #Sunset #PangabuhiSaUma
👒 #BabyLove
Strike a pose bebe! 😍 #BabyLove
Close up! What happened to your nose baby love? 😂 #Bree #BabyLove
Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Matingil! 😂😂 #BabyLove
Big brown eyes! 👀
Cutie breebeedee! 😍❤😘 #BabyLove #4mosOld
Thank you God for another year. Thank you friends for all the greetings and wishes. To my family thank you so much for the uncondional love and for taking care of me. And ofcourse thank you yays for your presence today. 💕😘 Happy birthday to me and happy 4th month baby love! ❤
Pictorial for Pre-School 1 Graduation. 🎓 OMG baby! Time flies so fast, dugay2 college ka na. Charot! 😂❤😍
Babylove with Tita yaya. 😍 #Breetiful
Why so cute? 😍🌹😘 #Breetiful #BabyLove
Haha happiness! ❤ #Breetiful #BabyLove
Happy birthday Neneng! I'm so lucky to have a sister like you to look up to. Thank you for everything. I wish that all your wishes will come true. Love you so much! Enjoy your day. Mwaaaah 😙❤ PS: love your talikod pose! 😍😂
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