It looks like my Pomeranian mom had an affair with a fox || NYC πŸ˜»πŸŽ€ πŸ“§: Info.quincyfox@gmail.com InStyle interview ✨

➑️Before and after they wake you up for flight snacks 😾 / where is everyone from? ✈️
Wait for it 😼I'll patiently sit here until u realize I'm always right / tag bae! πŸ˜‡
Where's my marg at? 🍹 / tag your squad πŸ’•
The end is me πŸ‘Œ where my single ladies at πŸ’ (w/ @thefocusgroup_nyc )
Monday & a Quincy burrito 🌯
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Omg sry. I've been super busy - haven't had my phone on me #toofar #cantmove
Sry, can't leave my bed - just remembered. 😿
Throwback to teeny tiny Quincy #tbt / πŸ“Έ: @chrisklemens πŸ’•
I already said no πŸ™„
When your puppy grows up to look more like a baby fox than a Pomeranian πŸ€”
Only because I forgot eyeliner today
Kinda wanna go to brunch, kinda wanna never leave my apartment again πŸ‘‘
Nope, nevermind. Plz never text me again. But do sometimes. πŸ’…
When you realize how much weight you actually gained over the summer #sweaterweather πŸ€”
I guess I'll sign up for a workout class or something
Me after Labor Day weekend
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