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Hi! We’re America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care, and we think we look pretty good for 100 years old.

Regram from @sleater_kinney : "Join us and @plannedparenthood in rejecting passivity and defying homophobia and other forms of discrimination. What do you defy?" #IDEFY
We're strongest together. Thank you for supporting #IDEFY Live. See the recap on Facebook. (link in our bio)
We're strongest together. link in bio. What do you defy? Tell us using #IDEFY . #regram @pplapeeradvocates @jeannieelisemai @sofiavarteaga @kp4equality
Regram from @the.wildrose.witch#IDefy living my life from a place of hatred or fear. I defy ignoring the needs of those who have been overlooked by society. I defy thinking the color of your skin defines your worth as a human being. I defy feeling "less than" because of my gender. What do you defy?”
@bryan.yonki defies racism. @sandoner defies online sexist bullying. @okgurta defies toxic masculinity. @domonique_echeverria trauma, rape culture + more. Join them! Post a 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏿 pic and share what you defy with #IDEFY
We're defying for our future! Breaking down walls and building a movement. Tell us what you defy and help us tear down the rest of these walls! Post using #IDEFY .
Regram from @pbanjali#idefy a government which threatens the health and safety of our bodies and minds, and our ability to make decisions which promote that health and safety. I defy the rhetoric of division and hatred put forth by this administration, and I am so grateful to the massive numbers of people who marched today, showing unity and love instead. You guys make me proud to be an American and a woman. #mybodymychoice #buildbridgesnotwalls
Regram from @onsoire#idefy white supremacy, cisheterosexism, ableism, transmisogyny"
Regram from @Theebarii “My name is Jabari Hakim and #IDEFY bigotry in all its forms. What do you defy?” #IDEFY
We're strongest together. link in bio. What do you defy? @galaxykarson @xoxo_missomo @sylvia.trash @kidsaregrown #IDEFY
Regram from @Monispice#IDEFY homophobia • transphobia • xenophobia • racism • sexism • injustice • hate”
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