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Like if you can see what the text reads.. XD
Best i can do on mobile XD [ @dantdm ]
Hello, Bogor.
(Preview) Me using your skin. @narkid._.agario
Is it me, Or i like making pokemon skins? (@narkid._.agario ) Imgur/Download:
@c7ypthh . I know i need to DM first. But who cares. -Imgur/Download:
After same-size popsplit.
Hello, New beginning.
Hello, New beginning.
Hello, New beginning.
Heppeh nu year for the ones dat arldy passed 12.00 :)))) edit took like 7min lol
12.00 ρм αи∂ ωσσѕн
New vid in channel :p
M E G A R A Y Q U A Z A 哦
My bad photoshop skills.
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