The time has come SINCE 2012 Yelp has been doing illegal and unethical practices! Going to file against YELP IN CA! Then AZ for other incidents! The bullying MUST stop! It’s disgusting how Yelp lets this happen! Amongst other things. Wish me luck!

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  • venessa_spanishprincess
    😊 - 21 days ago
  • _lux_life_style
    Great post .. - 21 days ago
  • venessa_spanishprincess
    Can’t mess with GODs plan! GODs too powerful which is why I do not fear anyone or anything but my Lord Jesus Christ! ♥️ - 21 days ago
  • venessa_spanishprincess
    Most definitely! I’m ready & loaded! I’m not a victim because I won’t let evil or jealousy steal what GOD has already ordained. No matter how much they try to ruin my reputation or businesses, they will fail & GOD will prevail! They can mess with my calling! 💕🙏🏻 - 21 days ago
  • venessa_spanishprincess
    Thank you so much! On Yelp since 2012 CA TO now in Az But now worse men are following me. - 22 days ago
  • miguelangel562
    I hate this internet bullies good my friend - 22 days ago
  • venessa_spanishprincess
    Way overdue! I will make an example out of the California ladies! Grace Selke. Alexandra Ceren- Seren, Anete P & her daughter Anete Garcia they live in Ahwatukee. Daughter goes to DESERT VISTA! A few more individuals that are connected to Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa & Phoenix. My Law team has complied everything to WIN - 22 days ago
  • mdim_venessa
    It’s time!! - 22 days ago