Kylie fans, this one's for you! starts NOW on E!

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  • mehrankhaleghi282
    Thankyou - 8 days ago
  • natcosta91
    @sheiscaroll. Obaa - 10 days ago
  • joanyraquel
    Meanwhile millions of youtube videos showing how she is terrible with fans... and her show clips are about how she does regular things... like showing up to prom with a nobody... to make people think she is so cool and normal. No one born and raised millionaire is a nice normal person.... but this is what young Americans dream of so I am sure the show will be successful... abs people like Trump ans K West will be elected POTUS. LOL - 10 days ago
  • scahill.priv
    @bameron_x she's so ugly BAHAHAHAH - 10 days ago
  • xs.xa.xn.xd.xr.xa_17
    @amvchen you should to realize that life is hard no body is perfect money doesn't bring happiness doesn't bring the real love doesn't bring real friends doesn't bring confidence doesn't bring self respect all of this money can't buy if you want all of these you should to found it by your self not by money 😐 - 11 days ago
  • allanahh3
    @samb.o - 11 days ago
  • misssunnystar
    She looks like a ventriloquist - 11 days ago
  • alx.krc
    Her right eye.. Just Look at it - 11 days ago
  • rockyleeart
    I drew kim ✍🏻 ✍🏻 - 11 days ago
  • ishajainn
    Can u do soemthing for Ur fans ? @kyliejenner like something really good i - 12 days ago
  • ishajainn
    Lyyyyyy - 12 days ago
  • arminayyy
    @marygab_ ereseh mhat nayee - 12 days ago
  • islami_shpresa
    ❤ - 12 days ago
  • lois.vandewal
    @samm.vanderlinden staat daarvolgensmij onderaan in de hoek beetje x - 12 days ago
  • samm.vanderlinden
    @lois.vandewal waar zie je dat skat - 12 days ago
  • lois.vandewal
    @samm.vanderlinden hier kun je zien waar je het kunt zien op tv - 12 days ago
  • rapunzelllllllllll
    i love kylie....but her talking face😥 - 12 days ago
  • eerrriiccckk
    🌋🍆 - 12 days ago
  • deniecetagram
    I love you Kylieee - 12 days ago
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