Real tweet from 2103. His twitter history is the gift that keeps on giving. Will the media challenge him on it?

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  • im.carola
    @arianagrande lobe you - 9 months ago
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    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£ - 9 months ago
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    Hiii I love you and ariana so muchh - 10 months ago
  • rijan_acc
    Fuck Donald trump - 10 months ago
  • earrecords
    😎 - 10 months ago
  • inkedbecks
    2103 - 10 months ago
  • adamklawi
    He needs to stop this Twitter crap. His tweets are beginning to sound like a child who did not get his way in something. I'm not saying he isn't entitled to have a Twitter, I just am saying that he should use his platform as a political leader better and in doing so be a true leader, instead of being so desperate for attention and the need to be always right and liked by everyone. - 10 months ago
  • areyou0
    Amazing how his true colors truly came out in this campaign for presidency and now that he's won you can see how obnoxious he is and that he flip flops and lies on everything and takes credit for things that he never did! - 10 months ago
  • fredrocka
    Looks like the media stopped challenge anything regarding Trump lately - 10 months ago
  • juinjeff
    This guy is nuts - 10 months ago
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    I like youre pageπŸ’™ - 10 months ago