I think this palette will be for the more skilled makeup customer. These colors are for someone who really loves to play with bold looks in my opinion. The colors are beautiful

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  • slim._thicky
    I love your acc omg - 3 months ago
  • kathiamhdez
    @tee.marine well the palette is called the Royal (because of that Royal blue) Peach Palette (for the other peachy tones) so it does makes sense to be in there. It is kind of a weird combination I agree but I think it's also innovative and cool if you're into more loud makeup looks. For MUA's for example but not so much for everyday people unless you're very skilled or enjoy that type of look 🤗 - 4 months ago
  • alyssapurzycki22
    The bright green one that is very sparkly is called mojito - 4 months ago
  • yourstrulybrissa
    Neeeed - 4 months ago
  • kyliecosmeticsupdaterr
    @dim_rz no - 4 months ago
  • dimitraa_r
    is this palette limited edition? - 4 months ago
  • jayluvaa
    what song is she playing in this video - 4 months ago
  • yea.margit
    When are you announcing the winner of the giveaway? - 4 months ago
  • bibi.mua.smolbean
    Beautiful palette right ! - 4 months ago
  • notemileesspam
    I need this so bad😍 - 4 months ago
  • makeup_by_doireann
    I quite like this but maybe not enough to spend that much :/ (it's very reasonable for its size but with shipping and taxes to Ireland I think I'd be spending too much for early January 🙈😭) - 4 months ago
  • elinsoderprivate
    Nah I don't like it, it looks cheap somehow.. idk :/ - 4 months ago
  • notverylushx
    I feel like the blue was just randomly put there, it looks strange and abrupt in midst of all the others colors. Totally unncessary. - 4 months ago
  • kindaakatt
    @kathiamhdez I did but it still wasn't poppin :/ - 4 months ago
  • kathiamhdez
    @kindaakatt try applying with your finger or a wet brush - 4 months ago
  • classypumps
    @kindaakatt yeah the blue on the holiday palette wasn't nearly as pigmented as i'd hoped - 4 months ago
  • _natashahernandez_
    I'm definitely buying rhis - 4 months ago
  • kyliecosmeticsupdaterr
    @lucyspagee her new royal peach - 4 months ago
  • kyliecosmeticsupdaterr
    @_natashahernandez_ mhm - 4 months ago
  • _natashahernandez_
    $45 - 4 months ago
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