3 Jews and an Italian on Xmas. I love you so @larryfisherman @arianagrande & @suzpolakoff

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  • alaslthn
    @intobyarii - 3 days ago
  • blessarianagrande
    THIS IS IMPORTANT ABOUT ARIANA; there's an ariana private account & we honestly don't know if it's real or not. There was "proof", a "Jones" private account told me that a private was her and we believed it bc one of Frankie's friends followed it and one of Ariana's friends did and another friend too. He asked "ariana" to accept me and she did. I did things on the acc that ofc I shouldn't have but it was on purpose to see how she'd react and she reacted in a way I wouldn't expect the real ari to react and she blocked me. Idk if this is really ariana or not but she also blocked my friends for no reason. Tbh I think it would be too good to be true to be ariana. But anyway she blocked some others as well and A LOT of ppl was hurt and heart broken bc they believed their favourite person & idol blocked them. We was all crying all day bc we thought it was ariana generally bc of "proof". Idk if she was a real acc or not. "Jones" told me that if I exposed her acc then the law would be involved and she seemed concerned about privacy. I'm not sure at all if it's Ari or not BUT I'm really just at the point of does ari actually have a private? If she does, then what's the user bc then I know if it was the same person? She's deleted the account at the moment and so has "Jones", please we all need to know, we're all confused and upset. We just need an answer from someone she knows. Thank you for taking the time to read. - 8 days ago
  • eleonorapierma__
    Io sono italiana - 15 days ago
  • ohmyarxiana
    @arianagrande I love you - 21 days ago
  • arymoonss_
    @arianagrande ARIIIAAANAAAA ILY SFM , TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!! - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    yeah :/ @violetlfoster - 21 days ago
  • violetlfoster
    @jupitergang aah okay✨ - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    sorry it's just like not a good day i'm pissed off af sorry if i was rude or smth @violetlfoster - 21 days ago
  • violetlfoster
    @jupitergang i never called you fake why are u being extra what - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    lmao. @violetlfoster - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    it's says "3 jews plus an italian jew*" @violetlfoster - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    i know @violetlfoster she wrote a comment upper :). u kinda called me fake arianator, but if you can't even see that she comment ask yourself. :). - 21 days ago
  • lipsyarianaaa
    @arianagrande HEEEY - 21 days ago
  • violetlfoster
    @jupitergang ari is the italian lmao - 21 days ago
  • jupitergang
    oooo ariana is jew i always thought she was christian 😂 - 1 month ago
  • xsopphiex
    Cuties - 1 month ago
  • fascinatingbutera
  • dami.place
    @arianagrande love uuuuu i can't wait to see u in Zurigo ( i' m italian) - 1 month ago
  • scwbehkmw
    Yall are so cute - 1 month ago
  • d1xara_
    Ariii - 1 month ago
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