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3k Bad ass bitches 🌹💋 Sorry I'm such a bitch, Actually nah fuck you I ain't sorry 🍑 STARTED THIS ACC ON 15/12/16 🌹💋

Cats or dogs? - both ❤
Would you wear these? - no
These are pretty 😻
What are one of your fav shoes? - old skool vans black 😻
Nike or adidas? -both 😻
I swear the is Cassie from skins 🤔 Do you like skins? -Yes one of my fav shows
Wear or tear? -probs tear
Who watches shameless? -my fav show if You don't watch it u must it's so gooodddd 😍
Kats are kool
Skirts or shorts? -shorts
What was ur last dream about that u remember? -they was a killer at the school and me and them killed everyone apart from my friends 😂
I thought This was a girl 😶
Do you u like getting called babygirl? -it's cute as but he a fuckboii if a guy says it to u 🙄
Are u a messy or clean person? -kinda both
Would you get a tattoo on your neck? If so what? -idk tbh if I did something small
How y'all liken my theme? 😂💖
Haven't been posting lately sorry busy with life What did u do on Valentine's Day?
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