2.1k Bad ass bitches πŸŒΉπŸ’‹ Sorry I'm such a bitch, Actually nah fuck you I ain't sorry πŸ’‹ Video edit acc- @memoriehs πŸ’‹ STARTED THIS ACC ON 15/12/16 πŸŒΉπŸ’‹

Oil spills are pretty πŸ’– Do you think they are pretty?
Forget the rules if you like it wear it πŸ’– Should I post quotes or like questions for you to answer?
Wear or tear? -wear 😍
Start of new theme πŸ’– Do you own any rings? -yeh but I don't wear them
Theme divider 3/3 Starting new theme when I wake up xx
Ty so so so much I love all 2000 of u xxx Theme divider 2/3
Theme divider 1/3
Last pic of this theme 🌹 Who is excited for my next theme? πŸ’‹
Would u get this tattoo? -no but it's cute
Almost finished this theme and actually can't wait till next theme it's one of my favs 😍
Rate her eye makeup out of 10 🌹 -9/10 😍
Comment ur follow count ❀ -1555 πŸ’–
These candies are actually the cutest ❀
Would u do your nails like this? -no
What is one thing ur excited for this year? -tbh idk
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