I'm Lauren. 24. Batman and Steelers fanatic. Chef. X❤O @_cakesnstuff

Lord please let me marry this beautiful man! 😩 lol @rotimimusic
A lil recap of our Vegas trip. Gotta plan the next trip asap. ❤️👯
When in Vegas 😊
I need these
Okay she's real lmao insider
People think I have all the confidence in the world. I still have my days when I should show myself more than I do. I was like nah I won't post these. Then I was like well, why not. So here it is. New swimsuit alert 💁🏾.
Hair by @braidsbyjeb , eyebrows by Lisa and glare by my parents living room lol. Y'all gone get tired of me!
My eye doctor better have these glasses because I'm ready to act up! Lol
I'm about to throw this phone away y'all. If I call you or FaceTime you on accident, this is why.
It's summertime and it's time for braids. Shoutout to these ladies getting it done! @hairby_emmy @braidsbysnook @braidsbyjeb
Brought the naps back
Ok, who did y'all make mad? Lol because honey, this ain't a challenge for the melanin girls lol. Feed Ins, Natural Curly, Straight, Individuals and Ponytail. 😊
Couldn't let the day pass without tellin that sister girl I know Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to my sister Chanel! @thenewnelly ❤️❤️❤️
Back at it again
Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! I love you mom! You'll always be my best friend. 😍😘❤️
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