I'm Lauren. 24. Batman and Steelers fanatic. Chef. X❤O @_cakesnstuff

And all you Brady fans stay out my comments because a piece of cloth is searched high and low by the FBI but these innocent black girls are "troubled youth who ran away from home." FOH miss me with that. #FindOurGirls
Y'all, I've watched this like 50 times and I can't stop laughing lmao. Look @savvy_assmarie we will not be riding those multiple people bikes if this is gonna happen lmao.
Felt like posting an old picture since my hair isn't done lol
My best friend is gorgeous and I wanted to share that with y'all lol my Annie 😍❤️ @savvy_assmarie
Check out my bro @a_savage_god ! Vimeo.com/savagelens (had to mute the video because of the song and not having copyright rights lol)
Been a minute but we're back! Check out our latest episode! @everybodysdone link in my bio. 🗣🗣🗣
Patiently waiting to be appreciated by someone other than myself ❤️
Curly Sue es no mas 💁🏾
Mood-Halle Berry at the Oscars
You feel a little better when you have your ish together 😏
It was kinda warm today so..........
Fellas, true?
@everybodysdone has a new Battle of the Sexes episode for you all to enjoy. Link in my bio! ❤️
Since I can't sleep, here's a selfie 🤳🏾
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