I'm Lauren. 24. Batman and Steelers fanatic. Chef. X❤O @_cakesnstuff

You feel a little better when you have your ish together 😏
It was kinda warm today so..........
Fellas, true?
@everybodysdone has a new Battle of the Sexes episode for you all to enjoy. Link in my bio! ❤️
Since I can't sleep, here's a selfie 🤳🏾
Don't get me wrong, I love my thick nappy hair but sometimes I'm ready to grab some scissors and say screw it lol 💁🏾
Check out the episode from the ladies of @everybodysdone ! Link in my bio!
Happy 1st Birthday to my little apple 🍎. I love you Penny! 😘
Episode 3 is out! Everybody's Done with Locker Room Talk. Link in my bio.
Remind yourself that you're beautiful babygirl 😘
Not very happy with this score but imma represent all day!
Episode 2 is up and out! Link in my bio.
Excited and lowkey feelin myself lol
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