Nyree Montefalco

Knoxx Montefalco's Queen♕ I'm not a risk taker, but loves adventures. ❎Messy Messy Feed❎

Always appreciate things and look on the bright side.
Earphones. Hahaha hi @not_abbi ganda mo dito 😂✌ #Snow #paso
Bat ang ganda ko dito?..haha char 😂✌ #Snow
Daydreaming again and again.
Just strike a pose 😘
Classmates😁 credits: @not_abbi
Dream House 🏠
Kasi nga may bangs na siya 😄 #bangs #justsharing
At dahil curious ako kay supremo, babasahin ko na'to 😂 #wattpad #helluniversity
Nyelpi... Panira lang nang araw nyo 😂✌
Very late upload 😊
Taytay why so pretty? #TaylorSwift #Swiftie
Missing my long hair. #ThrowbackThursday
Underpass (Late Upload)
Waiting for....
"Sometimes the strongest thing, you can do is to face your fears." #Throwback
Atlast finals is finally over ^_^
Just another selfie to post ;)
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