Alexandra Nicole Fidelsol

18 🌻 belieber 💙💜 potterhead ⚡️ potterphile 📚 Twitter & snapchat: @nclfdlsl

Bloody Hell! 3 out 7 ⚡️😍 #Potterhead #Potterphile
My baby's 18th birthday 😊❤
What an epic moment with the twins 😂😍 thanks mga kuya!!! Love lots 😘 #PerkinsTwins 3/3
Thanks for this day kuya @tiandperkins 😍 with cutest photobomber ever. Lol 😂 #PerkinsTwins 2/3
Was with him a while ago 😍 thanks kuya @jessetperkins #PerkinsTwins 1/3
Thank you Lord we passed the NC II 😊 @jsscaracas09 ❤ 1/2
Happy 23rd birthday @jessetperkins @tiandperkins 🎉🎉 wishing you both all the very best. May our Lord God bless you two. Keep smiling, doing good stuff like music etc. Because it makes us so kilig!! 😍 i feel so happy and blessed when i finally met the two of you thanks God for that. I cant wait to see you again mga kuya! We love you so much 💙💜 #PerkinsTwins
... 2/2 💙
Got this signed album and watched the twins in their live performance last october 1st 😍 thanks for that wonderful moments @jessetperkins @tiandperkins ❤ see you soon! Love you both 😘😙 1/2
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