aint gonna trust anyone anymore. i always did the same mistake. Why am I like that

shes so cute i love her so much ❤️ @maggielindemann #maggielindemann
can't imagine my life without her
i love you i love you i love you
my favorite zona ❤️❤️❤️
Guys please help get my account back 😭 the hacker deletes all the pics. please help
i love you so much
h a p p y b i r t h d a y !!!!!!❤❤ i wish you all the fucking besstttt and i hope u have a great dayy!! dont let anyone ruin ur dayy kk??? im so thankful to have someone like u in my life, its such a blessing. all i wanna do is to celebrate ur bday with youuu right noww :(( im sure we r gonna have soooo much funnn!! i reallly missed talking to u bellaaaa i hope we can talk more cuz i dont ever want to lose youuu. i freaking love you unconditionally my Obama, my bae, my Caraaa, my bby, my Bellaaaa. ❤❤ once again happybirthday:) @thankyoumarie
its ur bday in my country sooo. annaaaaaa, happy 18th birthdayyyy!!!! first of all i hope u have a great great daayy just like what u deserveee. i wish u all the best and i really wish i could be there to celebrate ur bday with you & we r gonna have sooo much fun. you are my first bestfriend here. you are the only person i talk to when i started my acc and im so grateful that we r still talking cuz i honestly dont know what i would do without you. i am blessed to have u as my bestfriend here, you are such a blessing. i cant believe its been 2 years since we know each other and i am soo thankful that i met u here. i think that your birthday is the perfect moment to tell you all what i dont tell you in a normal day, to thank you for making me laugh, for staying with me when nobody does, for making me feel good, for not being a judge, for supporting me, for always listening to me, always help me, and everything. remember that you are important for me. you are literally important for everyone. you worth to fight for. this friendship means a lot to me anna, i mean ofc we had our ups and downs just like another friendship, and i realize that its just make our friendship stronger and stronger, we always have our way to back together and fix it. i never ever want to lose you. idk what i would do without u. im always here for you no matter what. and yk u can always count on me. i still remember when we first talk, u are so nice and sweet to me, we talk almost everyday and its just feels weird not to talking to u. we become closerrrr, we post and tagged each other ( i remember our pic is vanessa and selena), i remember when we r so crazy that we always put " pls " in every text we send to each other, i started to call u my 🐯 and u call me 🐢 BUT now i have the new one for u aka Toby's girl haha ik u like tho, and Oooo i remember ab toby 😏😏 ur like ALWAYS talk about him 24/7 that u like him, that hes cute, sweet and all lmaoo, its impossible that u r not talking about him 😂 and then u both started to dating and dammnnn i swear u always talk ab him like no one else matter to u 😂 @bitchiamselena
my everything
issa bestfriend
babyyyyygirl, its ur birthday NIKOL!! ayeee. r we gonna have a party? or nah? lol okaay. first of all, i hope u have an amazing day everr cuz today is ur day and u fkn deserve the bestt &&& dont let anyone ruin it yk bitchess. ahahaha. and i hope u had a lot of fun todaaaay! you are such a blessing ya know that? im so thankful that i get to call u my best friend and after all we've been thru, i wanna thank for everything fr, thank u for helping me, support me, making me smile, and most, thank you for being my best fucking frienddd. u are one of the best ppl i met here yk. u are so important to me and i dont want ever to lose u. i guess its almost 2 year since we know eachother? and im really really really thankful i met u here. you always make me smile and happy like 24/7 and everytime we talked cuz fr u are so funny and cool 😂. this friendship means a lot to me and i will never let anyone destroy us. we had our ups and downs but its only make us stronger, and im happy that we always find our way to fix it. you worth to fight for. nikol u have to know that whatever happen im always here for you, i got ur back and u can always count on me.i promise. and oh gosh i really want to meet you😩fr tho its gonna be lit af to spend a day with you. i wish i could go to israel and meet you asap:') אני אוהב אותך!!😏❤ thats all i can say in hebrew😂 i want you to know that you are such an amazing person, please, dont let anyone tell u otherwise. u are so kind, caring, nice, funny, sweet, cutie, shady af ofc😏😂☕, cool, good, loyal, humble, strong , gorgeous, sweetheart, beautiful, and so perfect to mehh. and hey i really think you are very strong, yk, theres ppl that always wanted to tear u down and u always have strong, u inspired me sm tbh, and pls dont let anyone tear u down. ❤ you deserve all the best in the world tbh nikol, i never wanted to see you sad and cry cuz it actually breaks my heart. so please be happy and smile. cuz u smile, i smile :):) im bad at writing para sorry lol. well well anywayy i just wanna say; HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!!!🎉🎊 Have a nice dayy AND have funnn today Nikol!!!💗💗 i love you so much zona pls never forget that. ❤❤ @gomezitcas @babygirlforu
stay strong lena. im always here for u & i love you
im glad we r back. i dont want ever to lose u again bella, i love you ❤
best ppl
afsksmdkdnoddkso today is really a speciaaaaal day for me, cuz its lena's birthday💗 aka my best friend, my everything. happy birthday lenaa!!! 🎊🎉💗💗💗💗💗 enjoy it cause today is your day and dont let anyone ruin it or else just tell me and i swear i will kick their asses lmao. my best frienddd i wish you all the best, cause you deserve it, all the beestt!!! hmmm, i believe we met for like 2 years ago and im reaally thankful that i met u here. lena u have no idea how special you are to me, how important you are to me, and you have no idea how much i love you. you are so ajsbskdnosndod perfect like fr you really are perfect!!! soo perfect to me. i am soo thankful,, grateful and soo haappy that i have you in my life cuz u are such a blessing. ppl say we cant trust someone we met on internet but the thing is, they dont know, they dont know how it feels, its amazing cuz i met you here, i met my best friend here and no i dont regret it. i really am grateful. yess, i want to meet u soooo badly, i want to hug youuuu, i want to spend a day with you cuz trust me its gonna be fun and lit af. i remember when we first talked, we talk like literally everyday and its like part of my daily routine to talk to you and yea we became closer and closerr. its really the best talking to you, and i LOOOVEEE talking to u sooo much, like we can talk ab ppl yk shading em ahahaha😏😏☕yall cant believe but shes reaaaally good at shading ppl and duh shes savage af if u know🙌, talk ab boys like always lmao u know my crush and ik urs and we talk ab it sm😂😂, our weird and stupid conversations actually made my day , idkkk i feel like i can tell u everythingg and nothing is more fun then talking to u and its just i really am trust u cuz i can tell u everything , like my secrets and i know it safe with you. you never leave me, the fact that you always there for me, listening to me, supporting me, and you helped me a lot, THROUGH EVERY THING. @hapylena (more in comments )
i love & miss you so much ;(
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