Gracie 💖

SC: gracie.mae42 ☀️💗//dance isn't just a hobby, it's a way of LIFE\\ ⬇️YouTube video below 📷

Can't wait to be reunited with this crazy family ❤️❤️
It's been so warm the past two weeks!! ☀️💕💍
Can't believe it's over! We became 1 big family and now we have to wait until the next auditions! ( all of you better audition)! So after around an hour of crying I've finally stopped but I still miss you guys more then anything! I could sit here and write out all of our inside jokes we have had over the past 11 weeks, but I would be sat here forever! It's going to be horrible not seeing everyone for rehearsals on Mondays, and not doing any shows but I know we will see each other soon and I miss you so much! Well done everyone, you were sooo amazing and I wish we could do it all again!! Xxx -ily guys 💖🎭💍 oh and photo creds to josh who took the second photo! Xx sorry I don't have everyone's Instagram so I probably didn't tag you 💕
Happy YouTube Birthday to meeee! - so excited to say that I've been on YouTube for a year! 😆💖😽💍
Oh how I wish I was in Wales right now! 💖 @all.dancers.unite #AllDancersUnite
Happy Sunday ☀️💞
Look what I just made! 💓⚡️
Wooop wooop it's FRIDAY! I'm sooo excited that daisy and I (she doesn't have instagram) auditioned a dance for the dance show and got in! It's also #nationalbestfriendday and Ilysm - that's to all of my amazing friends who have been there for me since day 1 💗⚡️💍
One of my favourite drinks ☕️💖
This contemporary art gallery was amazing 💓
@shawnmendes blew me away last night! He's better in real life then with auto tune! Had such an amazing time! 😆💖🔥. @evie.rxse @k.a.t.x.e
Ahhh! I'm going to see @shawnmendes with @evie.rxse and @k.a.t.x.e
It's been sooo sunny today ☀️💖
Half term! Wooop woop 💓
Happy birthday to my beautiful bff xxx Ilysm @_rubyhowe_ I miss you more then anything 💕💍🎉
Sunday vibes 😽💕☀️
Woo it's FRIDAY!! Hope my poo gets well soon! 💩💖
"A little party never killed no body" 🎉💖
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