Misha 🐑bert

Very Special

AND I'm an actual pumpkin!
My babe moved to Brooklyn!!!
God I LOVE this gorl
If anyone is wondering where I come from #Mom
Relatively bad picture but omg the life force is back in me after a night with my old friends⚡️
The kids are telling me it's Fashion Week idk
This 1.5 year old is one of the coolest people I know & srsly one of my best friends. We have many inside jokes and we fall asleep in each others' arms. 👩🏼👶🏽#Jaani
Workin' on it 💪🏼
Don't let that gorgeous face fool you -- she BITES. Happy birthday to my brilliant mamaleh!
⚠️How funny to come across this coverage of MY LOVE LIFE:
Harvey victims in Houston NEED underwear! I just went on Amazon and sent some undies directly to this amazing charity. If you can, it's an easy way to help! Or to donate go to undiesforeveryone.org
#Babystyleicon part 2. Done now I promise. #TinasWork
Take a look at this #babystyleicon #babyinspo #babygoals #TinasWork - (ignore poop stain on #2 )
#Mewd , Carrie!
Butt naked in my parents' house writing songs. Please watch til the end for a special surprise.
My first love still goin' strong
Me, flirting
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