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director/photographer based in los angeles personal ➡️ @mikegquinn93

Step into the lion's den. I was recently asked about one of my favorite, speechless moments. Immediately these eyes came to mind. It was week one on safari, a late-morning game drive through the Delta as we tracked a lion after his visit to us the night prior. I never imagined that in turn, we would chance upon his own camp. Not only that, but that his majesty (and my nerves) would allow for a timeless gaze during his mid-day slumber. Speechless, my life depended on it.
Street jam sessions w/ @steffanargus This guy is such a joy to be around and wildly talented. See what I mean by giving his EP a listen 🙌🏻
Thinking back to my ideal backyard (and swimming pool) ⛰
I've been off the road for quite a while, unlike last year where I pretty much lived out of a suitcase. The past two months have been spent grinding in development to prepare for a series of projects, the most notable kicking off its first day of production come morning light tomorrow. Although I'm not in a place to describe much right now, it's my first writing/directing endeavor surrounded by an immensely talented cast & crew (and I'm still pinching myself its come together with such a team). I just want to extend a thanks to everyone who has shown me support in any capacity so far. I've been a little inactive social media wise but I in no way take for granted the community and inspiration this app has provided me with. Photo assist by @jameseysenbach
Sundowns in surreal places 🌊
Summertime highs w/ @tessvocklermusic
Yesterday I spent the day at an LA cookout surrounded by Canadians, all of whom reminded me of how much I miss this place. Happy Canada Day friends 🇨🇦🇨🇦
Flashback to simple desert days
Stopovers in the Windy City
Exploring Music City with one of my favorites @lesliepowellmusic
Thinking back to morning company in the Delta 🇧🇼 Good news gang! My first set of prints are now available for purchase! Head on over to the link in my bio to take a look. I've just started sending off the first few orders and I have to say, the material is IN-credible (especially the aluminum). Also because I appreciate you, take 15% off with the code MGQ17 through June 29th. I couldn't be more excited knowing my photographs are starting to become part of another person's everyday space 🙏
All smiles for Sunday
The golden city One from the archives. You may have noticed that I've been pretty inactive lately. The past couple weeks have been some of my busiest in the development realm of new projects. One of which is my first larger-scale, commercial directorial that I'm ecstatic is coming together. These longer-term initiatives have kept me preoccupied from the day-to-day photography, so I just want to say thanks for sticking around. I can't wait for what's to come!
Caught in a memory
Limitless exploring 🍃
Stand tall ✨
Let's take a road away from it all 🍃
A house built of reflections
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