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Blinded stripes
Boundless desert An oldie but a goodie with a fresh edit
Winter nostalgia w/ @fran.nardone Yes, I know, I'm probably the only one with it right now. Mostly because my aircon quit on me in Africa today 🙈
Dawn in the Delta 🌕
Back on the grid! This past and final week shooting in the bush was by far the most action-packed. From jacking a vehicle out of the mud surrounded by elephants to midnight lion roars within meters of or campsite, I'm still processing it all. Time to catch up so here's a new friend who's even taller than I am
Tomorrow I go into the bush for a final week of shooting on safari. No phones, no service. Just us chasing the sun and the wild for seven straight days. I can't believe I'm down to the last weeks of this gig in Botswana. Time to make it the best one yet 👋
Thinking back to simple views 🌲
Hours passed like minutes watching this beauty 🦁
Find me by the sea 🌊 This is my friend Alex and she's probably a bigger fan of The 1975 than you are. "Robbers" was played at least 10 times during our shoot but I wasn't mad about it.
Hang in there, it'll be Tuesday soon 💤
Discovering new paths to the beach @thailandinsider I'm currently updating my site and coming across so many stills I haven't shared. Last year, my brother paid a visit to me on the road and we went climbing over Railay beach. There was nothing like scaling up into these immense, limestone caves and following the light to reveal the most electric blue waters below. I can't wait to return to this place one day.
It was a dream of mine to go on an African safari. I'm still pinching myself I have the opportunity to be here doing what I love. Speaking of which, I'll soon be sharing some footage of what I've been working on. For now, here are some of my new oryx friends
Those forest highs in California 🌲@visitcalifornia
And come nightfall, there we were. Just specks on the water. I miss moody Oregon days.
Mornings alongside the kings. Just getting back into civilization today and already can't wait to go through footage from this past week in the Kalahari. It's my final month in Africa and what a ride it's been. As you know or can probably tell, I've been off the grid a lot lately. With such limited access to my phone and internet during this adventure, it's difficult at times but moments like this have made it all worth it. So I just want to say thanks for sticking around ✌️
What a world we live in. Thinking back to an afternoon spent conquering those Canadian peaks 🏔
Wherever the road takes us 🍃
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