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A year ago today. I thank god every day for letting me graduate. During HS, I would have an anxiety attack at least 3/4 times a day WITH taking medication for it.. now I only have them about every week. I missed more than 30 days of school just my senior year. I've seen so many things about me change since high school... mentally and physically. There's so much things that people don't know about, everyone always thinks everyone is okay when in reality, most people aren't 100% okay. In HS (junior / senior year), I would cry in the bathroom at least once a week.. skip certain classes to avoid situations.. spend my lunches in the library because my social anxiety/phobia would make me paranoid that people were talking about me. Advice for EVERYONE in high school : Talk to the girl / guy you see has "no friends", ask if they are okay, ask to sit with them. Be a friend to them. That's all I ask.
highlight always poppin when using @anastasiabeverlyhills x @nicoleguerriero highlight palette 🌷✨
tb cause I miss my pink hair 🌷
family pictures 🦋
You fear you'll never meet another so pure but it ain't true ✨🌸
I see u finn 👀
Central Park w/ my sisters yesterday ✨
my baby is ready for summer😎
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