"She would not show that she was afraid But being and feeling alone was too much to face Though everyone said that she was so strong What they didn't know is that she could barely carry on But she knew that she would be okay So she didn't let it get in her way Sometimes it all gets a little too much But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up" 💙
I love Sundayz ☀️💙
A little Father's Day adventure that turned out to be very exciting 😂
I take some decent photos 🌞🌎
Got to leave my bratty teenage years behind and spend the day with my prince, I'm extremely happy 😍💜 #happybirthdaytome
Playlist Live Day 3 (last day) May 7, 2017 💙 till next year 😊
Playlist Live Day 2 May 6, 2017 💜
Playlist Live Day 1 May 5, 2017 ❤️
You're a dangerous love ✨ #dangerouswomantour
Someone once said "a picture is worth a thousand words", so here's two. 💗
Sits pretty on the road to Terminus #thewalkingdead
Thank you for reminding me everyday of what butterflies feel like. One year down. ❤️
Melman is a long way from home
A big happy birthday to the best grandfather anyone can ask for. I know a year ago today the love of his life passed away. Times get hard and emotional but it's okay. He still proceeds to smile on and be strong. Grandma may be gone but she's never going to be forgotten. Happy 71st birthday to grandpa. Rest In Peace Grandma, it's only been a year but it feels like a lifetime.
'Twas a night to remember #flzjingleball
Last night we were given the chance to walk the red carpet at jingle ball and I'm extremely happy we ran into my babies Fifth Harmony. This photo may be blurry as hell but it's my high key favorite. 💜
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