Sculp Agency Model // Φ Θ Κ '16

promise you'll remember that you're mine
you'll never understand, but that's ok.
I'm honestly done.
the old me is dead and gone. •••• If we were ever close when we were younger, you would have known how much I used to struggle with my weight and body image. It got really bad when I transferred into private schools, shout out to HSS, and quit playing soccer. At my worst I was almost 200 pounds, which was my senior year of high school. When I found myself hiding inside of our condo in Florida is when I decided to change my eating habits and start hitting the gym. I guess the whole point of me saying this is that, if I want to post a body picture, I'm going to post the picture. If you don't like it, unfollow me, I've worked too hard to start hiding again. XOXO ---finally body positive 2/9/17 💕💕
You're giving me a million reasons... ---- thanks for putting up with me for a month hope you feel better kiddo @richtenn 😘😘
Don't stand to close, otherwise I can't crop you out.
apparently this isn't business casual 🙄🙄 @richtenn
even in my head you're still in my bed
obsessed. 🎈creds: Cece 💕💕
bad and boujee 💕💕
Mine and I couldn't be happier 💕💕
I hate being alone tbh
let's go more rounds than an AK 💦💦
Makin' everybody think that we solo. Just as long as you know you got me 💕💕
new year, who dis
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