Sculp Agency Model // Φ Θ Κ '16

My main 💕💕
Thanks UA-PTC, it's been magical 🦄🦄
Date night 💕💕
SD takeover 2k17
SD takeover 2k17
SD takeover 2k17
I'll be there!!! Love you baby, you are such an amazing person!! I'm glad I get to share this with you @louise_mandumbwa ••• Hearne Fine Art presents the special exhibit of With Feeling, works on paper and wood panel, by one of Hearne's own, Louise Mandumbwa. The artist reception will be held Thursday, April 20, 2017 @5:30pm. ••• (501)-372-6822 ••• 1001 Wright Ave Little Rock, AR 72206
••• These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel. 
And nothing else matters now, you're not here. So where are you?
I've been callin' you
I'm missin' you. ••• I'm tired kiddo.
Trying to fix you, I broke myself.
You should come see my show, it's pretty killer 💕💕💕 @ptc_charts
Arsenic and Old Lace comes to @ptc_charts !!! ••• Oh just working on the set for my play that opens today. You should come out and see me @ptc_charts !!! ••• Showtimes are: April 13th 2&7 April 14th 2&7 April 15th @7 ••• Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for non students. ••• Hope you see everyone there!!!
Look at this pic, look at what I gave to you.
candids 😊
I'm fillin' out this skirt I look damn good I ain't lost it And I ain't missed a beat.
natural beach waves ☺️🌊
Somewhere along the lines We stopped seeing eye to eye You were staying out all night And I had enough No, I don't wanna know Where you been or where you're goin' But I know I won't be home And you'll be on your own.
Showing out today
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