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Never thought I'd actually get to see Slash perform with #GNR #notinthislifetime #novemberrain #tbt
Soakin' up the sun. #ScooterMcGooter
Celebrated my birthday with some rock wall climbing, a rope obstacle course, mini golf, bumper cars, a laser maze, and the Red team kicking everyone's ass at laser tag.
It's official.
We fulfilled our Pose In Front of the American Flag requirement. #4thofjuly
Our Games Of Thrones crew from last Sunday's Finale. #nerrrrrrrds #got #gameofthrones
I started my first garden this year and now a raccoon has been coming through at night and eating all of the vegetables so here's a pic of one of my corns before that furry bastard nabs it.
Bummed to see Season 6 of Game Of Thrones come to an end but we went out in super nerdy GoT style. Congrats to @chloewestx on winning the Goblet of Gobletity and to @dylanmariequigg on winning the cash for guessing correctly who would die first! Thank you to everyone who came over... It was a damn good night. Props to @steinimal on his excellent cape, @rhe_blu & @alexis_linkletter for their cooking assistance, and @brendanplease & @samirtown for helping with the prep. #gameofthrones #finalefeast #gobletofgobletity #marrstein #nerrrrrrds
Before my dad was a dad he was this cool guy. Thanks for growing up and making me, dad!
Look at that beautiful couple figuring out which Instagram filter to go with... They're gonna have an amazing life together. Kristen & Brett seem happy, too.
Happy Wedding Day, Kristen & Brett!
One of the coolest things about the Electra Woman & Dyna Girl series that I directed is that I also got to co-write it with my brother @donpiliero and got my brother @mikeypiliero to shoot some of the background footage that got comped into various VFX shots. Really awesome to be able to get both of them to work on the project with me. If you haven't checked it out yet you get your first month free to watch the whole thing at Or you can watch it on the @Fullscreen app. @electrawomandynagirl #electrawomananddynagirl #mikeyistheonlyspecialthanks #ohyoufancyhuh #hannahhart #gracehelbig
My first garden. My first vegetable. These are exciting times we're living in.
If you watched the season finale of #Blindspot then you heard a secret shoutout to my dad who's a big fan of the show and who's full Italian name "Donato" got worked into the story courtesy of the awesome @martingero... Thanks bud and congrats on the huge success of the show!
Obuddy-Wan Kenobi
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