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Lucifer really knows how to make an exit.
#tbt to the first time working with @arianagrande 4 years ago on the Popular Song music video with @mikainstagram. Love that video. Ariana's new video for Everyday comes out soon-ish! #arianagrande #mika #popularsong #littleariananeverforgets
This is just a friendly reminder that while we may not all see eye to eye on many issues, a lot of us in opposition of each other do actually want a lot of the same things. When I took part in the Women's March it was to show my support for equality for women. To be a part of a movement declaring it's not okay to disrespect women. And to contribute to the inspiration for awesome little girls like this one to make sure they know they are equals and are just as destined for greatness as their male counter parts. A lot of things said and done by our current President don't really align with that mentality and I know that there are lots of people who voted for him who do not support his condescending treatment of women. I'll save the talking points on Pro Choice vs Pro Life for another time. For now I just wanted to do a post that focused on what is hopefully something we all want for women regardless of our political affiliations. There are so many topics dividing us right now... it's exhausting just thinking about the confrontation of our different beliefs. Maybe we need to start putting more attention towards talking about our similar aspirations and finding common ground to hopefully build off of towards a unified goal. #tbt #womensmarch #womensmarchla #weallwanttobeheardandunderstood #thatrequireslistening #also #sourpatchkidsaredelicious
While making @arianagrande 's official video for Everyday (ft Future) that comes out soon-ish we also made this fun lyric video that came out today. Link in bio. #everyday #everydaylyricvideo #arianagrande #thatgoodshit #londonalley
Continued the tradition of choking my Nonna in family pictures this past Christmas.
And here we are... the final #tbt before the Up Syndrome reunion show this Sat Nov 5th @slidebar in Fullerton. 8pm. FREE. See ya there! Or maybe not! Regardless, I think you're swell. #mohawk #upsyndromeband #poppunk #ripandrew
This was enough of an issue to necessitate making a sign for. 🤔
This pic is from 2002. I'm wearing a #britneyspears shirt. 10 years later I would direct 2 music videos for her. If you would have told me back then that I would one day direct @britneyspears I would have said "you cray cray". And then you would have said "that phrase won't be created until 2011". And then we would have stared at each other awkwardly. #upsyndromeband #ripandrew #tbt THE REUNION SHOW IS NEXT SATURDAY NOV 5TH!!!
Proud early adopter of duck face before the Internet ruined it #tbt #upsyndromeband #ripandrew
The flier for our Reunion Show on Nov 5th... #upsyndromeband
Just found this gem of a band pic. Pretty sure we never used it because obviously the world just wasn't ready for so much suaveness in one picture... #upsyndromeband #tbt
Not the best pic but #tbt to our sold out show at the House of Blues back in the day. #upsyndromeband
When @avitalash stands directly behind you, hair magic ensues... Part 2 w/ @samirtown #tbt #ps2015
When @avitalash stands directly behind you, hair magic ensues... Part 1 w/ @steinimal #tbt #ps2015
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, the series I directed and co-wrote with my brother @donpiliero , is nominated for a Streamy Award for Best Action or Sci-Fi Series. Pretty darn neato. Congrats to the whole team who worked to make the show happen! And congrats to @gracehelbig and @harto who are both nominated for Best Actress as well... @fullscreen @legendary @electrawomandynagirl #ewdg #electrawomananddynagirl
My latest music video for "Dark Nights" by an awesome new rock band called Dorothy is out now... Link in bio.🤘🏻@itsdorothysucka
I miss that shirt #tbt #upsyndromeband
UP SyNDROME #tbt to me and Big Jon rocking the stage back in the day... Our FREE reunion show is Nov 5th at the Slidebar in Fullerton. Go to for more info. #upsyndromeband
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